Sunday, July 19, 2015

3 Days in Pulau Macan - Part 3 The End

If you haven't seen them yet, please check out Part 1 and Part 2

We were supposed to stay in Pulau Macan for 1 night and go back to Jakarta on the second day. However, we felt like it still wasn't enough, plus Rod offered us an awesome deal to stay a night on their newly renovated boat that we couldn't resist. So we decided to stay another night. Luckily I remembered what my mom said (to always pack extra clothes for emergencies) and packed extra clothes for emergencies!

Now for the rest of our stay, we have a boat. A boat! This boat was for us to use to go to nearby places, and to stay overnight. Note: The boat has AC! So this is an option if you are one who cannot live without AC, though for me it was breezy and cold enough without.

Inside the boat.

At the back of the boat

At the Top of the boat

Our boat!
In the afternoon, they had another snorkelling trip, and DH offered to stay behind with Miss Kiki while I go on this trip. Of course I seized the opportunity! I didn't take the camera with me though, as I was not too confident with my swimming skills.

Having a nice boat at your disposal is actually a very good feeling. I just could not explain it.  After the snorkelling trip, we invited a few people to hop on our boat for a sunset trip. We just took it for a spin to watch the sunset. The staff arranged so that they could 'move' part of the bar to our boat. They even brought cookies for everyone.

Sleeping in a boat was actually quite comfortable, if you don't mind the water noises and the movements. That evening the wind was blowing more than usual, so it was a bit shaky. Regardless, Miss Kiki was able to sleep through the night until morning, and so did I. DH though, not so much.

Here's a view of the sunrise from our boat...

The staff offered to bring some food to our boat for breakfast but we preferred to go on dry land and joined everyone else. That was when DH spotted this beetle in the sink.

Happy with the boat ride experience the day before, I decided to do a snorkelling trip with the nice boat and invited several people on our trip. Everyone invited was up for it, and it was exciting! This time we went to a snorkelling spot near Matahari Island, and the water was clearer than the day prior. I am not sure if it was because of the location or if it was because the current was not as strong at that time.

Upon our return from the snorkelling trip, we still had the chance to snorkel around Pulau Macan before we cleaned up and packed up to go home. We even had the chance to get a tour around the island from Rod, so we finally saw the popular Sunset Hut, the special Ambassador Hut, and the Island Hut. They are actual open air huts, with beautiful view, and en suite bathrooms. Next time, I would want to stay in one of the huts, though they do come at a price

Sunset Hut

Sunset Hut

View from Sunset Hut

En suite bathroom

Deck at Ambassador Hut

Ambassador Hut
It was finally time to go home, so we loaded ourselves to the boat, and started our journey back to Jakarta. The waves were quite high, and it was kind of scary for me. A lot of people in the boat got sea sick. Even though it wasn't the worst waves I've seen, it still gave me a good reminder of how little humans are. I also had a song that kept coming to my mind and finally understood the meaning of this song, and how proud it is... The song is called Nenek Moyangku. It talks about how our (Indonesian) ancestors are sailors who love to venture the big wide oceans. Crashing the waves without fear, going through a storm is a usual thing. The wind is blowing, the sail expanded. The waves are roaring on the beach side. Brave young men, rise now. To the sea we go.

Inside the boat
Instead of arriving at Ancol Pier, we came back to Pantai Mutiara Pier instead. We docked right at the Jetski Cafe.

View from Pantai Mutiara Jetski Cafe

And my dad picked us up!!!

That was the end of our trip to Pulau Macan. Until next time!