Sunday, July 19, 2015

3 Days in Pulau Macan - Part 2

This post is continuing from Part 1

At 9 am on the second day, they took us on a snorkelling trip. Of course, all three of us came on board. Miss Kiki's snorkel goggles didn't fit her well so we decided to take her regular swimming goggles instead. We hopped on a traditional boat and slowly went to the snorkelling spot. DH couldn't wait to get into the water so I told him to go ahead. Miss Kiki was still unsure about whether she was brave enough to go into the water or not, but with some convincing she went. Unfortunately DH already took off with the camera so we did not have a picture of her in the water. She dipped her face in and was super excited to see the fishes and blue starfish. Then she started to use me as a seahorse to pull her around to the places she wanted to see. On this trip DH spotted a cuttlefish. You can see the picture somewhere below.

School of fish

Sea urchins under the corals

Sea urchins under the corals

Sea Urchin

The cuttlefish

After the snorkelling trip, we came back to the island. DH decided that he wanted to try the balancing board to get across to Pulau Macan Kecil. So Miss Kiki and I went on a row boat and one of the staff rowed us there. Phew!

After spending some time in Pulau Macan kecil, DH took Miss Kiki back to the bigger island on his balancing board. Check out Miss Kiki showing off on the board...

As for myself, originally I had planned to walk back to the bigger island, cause one can, but I chickened out a quarter of the way and turned around. I took the same row boat back with a group of people.

To be continued...