Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer in North America 2018 Part 2 - Toronto Aquarium

On our 4th day in Canada, my SIL had a day off. We went to Downtown Toronto to the Ripley's Aquarium Canada and I got to drive!  

Before school

After Miss Kiki's cousins went to school, we had breakfast at home and left. It took us approximately an hour to get there, and we drove straight to a parking lot across from Rogers Centre. Downtown parking sure wasn't cheap, we paid the maximum daily amount which was $30. I really shouldn't be complaining about Jakarta parking fee anymore :D

Paying for parking

Almost empty parking lot

Happy to be behind the wheel again

Rogers Cenre (originally Sky Dome)

CN Tower and the Rogers Centre roof - this can open up during events

The Ripley's Aquarium Canada is located right next to the CN Tower. We didn't go up the tower because we've been there before. We had bought our tickets online in advance because it was cheaper. It was great because we also avoided the queue to buy the tickets.

The aquarium itself wasn't too big, but it had a good layout. I think the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka was bigger.  As for the content, it was less impressive than I expected. I mean... when I hear "Ripley's" on anything I would expect weird things like the ones in Ripley's Believe It or Not. However this aquarium didn't seem any different from other ones we've seen. Don't get me wrong, it was still a very nice, clean, and educational aquarium but it was not as I expected when it's called Ripley's. They did have a very small section of Ripley's weird things though...

Anemone window

Towards the end of the exhibitions, we could see the tanks and equipments that they use to maintain the aquarium. 

One of the highlights of my visit to this aquarium was right at the end just before the store entrance. It was a deep tank with manta rays in it. They were so friendly that when someone reaches down and try to touch the water they would come to be pet. I thought that was cool.

We finished our trip with Thai Food at PAI restaurant. I picked it because it had good ratings at both Google and Foursqare. The food was decent but not authentic. Oh well.....

Spring Roll

Tom Yum Soup

Pad Thai

Fish with curry sauce

Massaman Curry

After lunch we hurried back to the car and went home to beat the rush hour traffic, thus the end of our day. The next post will be about our visit to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara. Stay tuned!