Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer in North America 2018 Part 1 - Ontario

Sometime in 2017 we decided that it was about time to visit North America again. To date, our records seem to show once every four years after all. Thus, at a travel fair we bought Cathay Pacific tickets to Canada for 2018's school holiday which happens to be longer because of the Idul Fitri holiday around the same time. 

The evening after Miss Kiki's last Grade 3 event at school, we took a midnight flight to Toronto Pearson Airport via Hong Kong. It was a 5-hour flight to Hong Kong and a veeeeery long 15-hour flight to Toronto. The flight was very smooth though, and Miss Kiki didn't complain a bit. 

We arrived in Toronto in the afternoon and DH's dad came to pick us up. We got Miss Kiki back in a car seat and she hated it :D We actually brought a portable booster seat that my sister loaned us for this trip, but because there was already a car seat installed in grandpa's car we couldn't fit the booster in.

We arrived at my SIL's house in the GTA and settled in for the day. Lunch, dinner, chitchat and such. The next day, I went to Toronto Premium Outlets and braced myself for a lot of shopping. To my disappointment, the shopping wasn't so exciting. They didn't have anything that I thought was worth buying except a couple of clothing items. I saw these cute dresses for Canada Day with reversible sequins but I didn't like the material so much so I didn't buy it.

I did however, have a cup of Second Cup white mocha, complete with whipped cream and their shaved Lindt chocolate. This particular drink was how I got hooked on coffee, aside from the instant cappuccinos at the gas stations :D

While I was shopping, DH took Miss Kiki to a playground just across from the house.

After I came back from the outlets, we took a walk around the neighbourhood. The kids went hunting for worms because they wanted grandpa to take them fishing. So in the bushes they went...

When we came back, I showed my FIL how to put on his new men sarong that I brought him from Indonesia. His height makes the sarong looks really good on!

That early evening we went to a nearby town to fly my drone. It was quite fun!

The following day was a Sunday. Together with my SIL's family we went to Canada's Wonderland. It's a theme park with many rides and a lot of queue! Sadly for one of Miss Kiki's cousin, she didn't get to go.

When we arrived at Wonderland, Miss Kiki was a bit grumpy. After a few rides though she cheered up again. She was a bit scared to ride on the big roller coasters but she worked her way up from the kiddie ones to the bigger ones.

To be allowed to go on certain rides, you have to meet different height requirements. The kids height were measured and they were given colour coded bracelets to show their height.

After a few rides we split up into kids with dads and the moms. Of course, the dads took them on a ride that got them wet! It was cool though, there was a drying station that you can pay for. Basically people got in and air blew at them for a few minutes.

My SIL and I went on different roller coasters. There was this one that we had lined up for and when we got to the middle of the line they stopped services due to technical difficulties. That was a waste of time! Overall though, it was a fun day out! If you like rides, I would definitely recommend Canada's Wonderland. And if you have the option, don't go on weekends and holidays.

Tip: buy your tickets online in advance to save!