Thursday, June 30, 2016

Japan Trip June 2016 - Part 5 Tokyo

Our last full day in Tokyo was cloudy, but not wet. Lucky!

This time I decided to explore Shinjuku area. Somehow we spent a lot of time in Uniqlo and Bic Camera wherever we went. Lol...

We went in a Ramen shop for lunch, and it was tasty. This is the type of shop with a vending machine by the door so we ordered our meal on the machine and gave the server our meal tickets. Itadakimasu!

We wanted to get Miss Kiki a new raincoat, so we went to the Odakyu Department Store and found a cute and bright one for her. She originally chose a pink one with cloud pictures on it, but unfortunately they didn't have her size. She was just as happy with the yellow one with frogs on it. This was a great reminder of how nice Miss Kiki actually was, despite the occasional stubbornness and smarty mouth.

Walking around Shinjuku tire Oma and Miss Kiki out, we stopped again at the L'Occitane cafe. This time the Shinjuku location. The menu was the same but the view in from Shibuya branch was much better. This time I ordered Creme Brule. Miss Kiki and Oma shared another Ichigo no Tiramisu.

And then when we got back to Shibuya, we finally found the Hachiko statue...

And that was our last night in Tokyo. Below are some miscellaneous pictures from Tokyo...

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