Friday, June 24, 2016

A Week in Bali Easter 2016 - Part 3 End

Right after I finished my work on the last day, I caught up with Miss Kiki and DH at the brand new Padma Resort Ubud. I had booked it with a credit card that gave me a very good deal on the room plus a free upgrade. The location was quite far from anything else, but that is to be expected. On the way there I saw paddy fields.

The Padma Resort Ubud property was quite large, the rooms are spacious and well designed. It was very nice, though I still prefer the 'feel' of Fairmont Sanur.

Our dear friends were with us at the resort with their Airbnb guest, they actually drove Miss Kiki and DH from the city all the way to Ubud. That evening we went out for dinner at Pulau Kelapa Restaurant. We've been there before and we still liked their food very much.



This decoration was at the resort.

It was Easter time so the resort had bunnies and some Egg shaped decorations. I hope they took care of the bunnies well. This picture was taken when I was still at work.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the resort with a breathtaking view. We were lucky to be able to get a good table because they fill up very quickly.

After that it's pool time! Their pool was nice and warm it was comfortable even for me!

Later that day I found out that because we were upgraded, we had access to free high tea at 2 pm and also free cocktails at around 5 pm. Lucky I read the books!

The high tea was at the same restaurant as breakfast, so if you arrive early you can get good seats again. They served tea and coffee and some snacks. Enough snacks that we had them for lunch!

Then later on, we dropped Miss Kiki off at the Kids Club to play with the other kids while we went to the lounge for the cocktail hour. The view from there was beautiful! It was a closed room with floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened fully. I loved it!

So we got cocktails and canapes.

Far in the distance, we were able to see a mountain... we figured from Google Maps that it was Mt. Agung.

As the sky got clearer, we realized that there were actually 2 mountains in that direction! The other mountain was Mt. Batur. In the following pictures you can see how the peaks became more and more visible.

After that we went to the kids club to get Miss Kiki. The kids were still busy playing.

The next morning was also a very nice day. We got to the restaurant late though, so it was quite full. Lucky us, we had access to the lounge so we had our breakfast there instead.

Then DH and Miss Kiki went straight to the pool while I stuck around the lounge and read some of their books there.

In the afternoon one of our friends who moved to Bali came to meet up with us... Look how cute the kids were together!

Then finally it was time to go home... we got a ride with one of our friends to meet up with the other friends who would take us to the airport. Thank God for such nice friends!

On the way to the airport we tried Gaya Gelato. It was more expensive than Gusto's but I think it tasted better.

And that was the end of our Bali Easter Week adventures... Until next time!