Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Week in Bali Easter 2016 - Part 2

On the first work day in Bali, I didn't get to do too many things other than work, nor was I able to take many pictures. Anyway, after work we went to have some Mexican food at Motel Mexicola. The food was so so, I think the Mexican food we had during our visit last year was better.

Here's a picture of the whole gang.

After dinner we hopped over to Bikhu for dessert. I ordered tea for Miss Kiki and it came in a cute little pot that looks like a toy tea set. So cute! We ordered a bunch of Pavlovas and a few other cakes. They were pretty good!

On the second work day some of our team mates wore the same colours as the hospital's uniform by chance. Aren't they adorable?!

Meanwhile, Miss Kiki and DH spent some quality time together and they visited Museum Bali near the hotel.

I think for dinner we separated that evening, we met up with my friend and her (now husband) fiance at Dijon Cafe. I really like that cafe, they have good food and drinks.

The next morning after I went for work, DH and Miss Kiki went out with our friends A and C to the Botanical Garden. They had this Treetop Adventure there that looked cool. Miss Kiki was so brave!!

After work that day, we met up with DH and Miss Kiki at the Potato Head Beach Club. One of my awesome friend had booked 2 day beds for us for the evening.

I can't remember precisely what else we did on the following days, but suddenly... work is done!

I received this beautiful Balinese woven fabric from the client. <3

And they even put on a show for us and for the surveyors... This dance is called Oleg Tambulilingan or "Dance of the Bumblebees" telling a story about two bumblebees flirting with each other.

And finally I got a picture with this beautiful lady, the Director of the hospital.

To be continued in part 3...

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