Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Week in Bali Easter 2016 - Part 1

 During the Easter week this year, I had the opportunity to get an assignment in Bali. Why of course it is an opportunity not to be missed! Miss Kiki had a term break and Easter break in one so the timing was really good. Lucky for us, DH was able to get time off/work-from-Bali arrangement.

We arrived at the Ngurah Rai airport on Saturday morning, and we were supposed to be picked up by our friends there. Little did I know, someone from my work place actually came and picked us up. It was very nice of them! So we asked to get dropped off at a restaurant for lunch.

At the airport

Babi Guling
At the restaurant we met up with our friends and went over to their house. We were staying there on the first night. It is an airbnb spot, you can view it here. If you ever need a place to stay in Bali I would really recommend booking their place.

So we went to have some gelato afterwards...

Then we went to the Beachwalk and walked along the busy Kuta beach around sunset...

And then for dinner we went to a Greek eatery called Warung Souvlaki. It was inexpensive and pretty good.

The next morning of course Miss Kiki got up before we did... she was super excited. She got to watch the Koi fish feeding...

Then we had some tea... how nice!

For brunch we went to a cafe attached to a supermarket... I can't remember what it was called :(

Look at how expensive this Haagen Dazs bar is!! Crazy!

On the way to our hotel in Denpasar, we passed by a large group of Balinese people lead by the civil 'police' called Pecalang on the road, demonstrating the reclamation project. It was a pretty big event that caused some serious traffic jam.

Our workplace booked the Grand Mirah Hotel in Denpasar for me and my colleagues. It's a small hotel but clean and nice, about 15 minutes away from the work place.

 For dinner we went to Il Pomodoro restaurant. The only Italian restaurant in Denpasar, I was told. It was good though, they have a large selection of food and they were pretty good.

So that was our first two days in Bali, stay tuned for the next post!