Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Motykas in Asia 2015 Part 4 - Jakarta

On the second day of year 2016, all of us went to Medan Baru, a restaurant specializing on food from Aceh, a north eastern province of Indonesia. Most of the dishes are curry based, but our curries are very different from Thai or Indian curries. Various dishes are brought to you in small plates upon your arrival and at the end you pay for what you eat. Thinking about this makes me hungry...

From here we went to Ombe coffee in North Jakarta but I do not have pictures of that either. I do have a time lapse video of our drive there though!

From north Jakarta we moved to Pondok Indah Mall in south Jakarta. It was a rainy afternoon... 

Variety of fresh fish

Snakeskin fruit (Salak)

I think this is the tallest she's ever been!

I can't really remember what we did after the mall but the following day was a Sunday and we planned to go to church. The church was in central Jakarta so we went to hang out at Plaza Indonesia, a mall in the same area. Attached to the mall was the Grand Hyatt hotel. We originally wanted to have some cake at their cafe/lounge but the cake selection was very limited. In the end, we just took pictures there and headed over to the mall and had desserts there.

After the mass, we went to north Jakarta area for coffee and dinner. Oh, DH and TM also got a haircut (photo below). What do you think? Pretty good, no?

For dinner, we had Korean BBQ at Born Ga. Yum yum yum....

Makoli: a Korean rice beer

 Before heading home, we made a quick stop at another mall....

And finally, the day after we went to Singapore we chillaxed at home and Miss Kiki got treated to a bike riding lesson.

That's it for part 4, stay tuned for Part 5 - Singapore!