Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Day at Playground Kemang

This past weekend, I and a few awesome girls from my high school had a playdate at Playground in Kemang, South Jakarta. The place is not huge, but big enough for water play area, tennis courts, playground area, track for bicycles/roller skates/scooter, and plenty of seating areas.

For a very reasonable entrance fee, you only have to pay for your children, with a maximum of 2 adults per child. The facilities are quite clean, considering that it's outdoors in Jakarta. We definitely loved it!

We started our Playdate with book exchange. Each of us brought several books for sharing and exchange them until the next playdate. I think this is a great idea so the kids can read more varieties of books without collecting too much hardcopies at home and collect dust. The kids age ranged from 2 years old to 6 years old, but they all played well together. We even were able to squeeze in a photo session of the kids for Pintal Home!

I brought my Ricoh WG4 so the kids can take pictures in the water area. The results are not that great, but still good for keepsake. :) You can see some of the pictures the kids took with it somewhere below.

After Playground we moved to Die Stube also in Kemang area. Pictures at the bottom.

Note: Not all of the pictures are mine.