Friday, January 5, 2018

Singapore November 2017

Never before had I gone to Singapore twice in a row so close together! But, when duty calls, one has to go. This time was for a work meeting. I went with my co-workers, and since it was a long weekend we decided to bring our kids along.

On her last day of exam, I picked Miss Kiki up from school in a taxi and went straight to the airport. We met up with everyone else and off we flew...

We had booked an AirBnb apartment so we could all stay together, and we took a taxi van to get there.

By the time we arrived and settled in, it was dinner time. We walked over to a mall nearby for dinner.

Then the next morning, we went out for our meeting... while the kids went out with their 'parents for the day'. So the 'parents' went out with 5 kids altogether. I'm sure it was quite the adventure! :D

After our meeting, we got back together with everyone else and had lunch. Oh, I also bought coffee at Bettr Barista, a coffee shop at the entrance of DBS Plaza Singapura. Supposedly it was a partnership between DBS and a company called Bettr Barista. You can read more about this place here. It was good coffee, I almost bought a second cup right after my last sip of the first cup. However, we were going for lunch right away so I didn't. 

We chose Old Street Bakut Teh for lunch. We have this restaurant in Jakarta as well. In Pacific Place to be precise. However, the Singapore location has more items on their menu.


After lunch we went upstairs to Spotlight (yup, the same store I went to in my previous post). And again, we forgot to take pictures. I did walk out of there with a bag full... Then we stopped for some frozen yogurt.

Then we walked along Orchard Rd, stopped at the Apple Store...

And look whom we found! Well actually, in our group, I was the only person who didn't meet him. Sigh....

With Kaesang
 Next stop was the Doterra office in Suntec City. We took the bus there. This time I had a big order to pick up so it took quite a while. Check out their Christmas Special packaging... so cute!


Aaaand, I was finally done collecting my order and here's Miss Kiki with my loot. :D

We were all pretty tired so we headed back to the apartment and had Subway takeout for dinner.

On the following day, early in the morning the kids had some time to go to a playground nearby... One supermom and 5 kids... Obviously that one it's not me! Lol.... (Thanks so much aunty!)

Soon after the got back, our taxi arrived and we went straight to the airport. We got dropped off at Terminal 3 because there is a mall in the basement. There was a small playground there, and we also had lunch there. The airport seems to have a collaboration with Sanrio for Christmas.

After lunch we moved to T2 because we had to take a shuttle bus to T4. In T2 we met up with our friend (yup, it's the same friend in my previous post).

The brand new Changi Airport T4 is large, and very automated. They had machines to weigh and scan your checked-in luggage, and the tag printing and attaching had to be done by ourselves. Basically less labour cost and more self-service. 

I went ahead inside past the immigration with three kids in tow. I think this is the maximum number of kids I can have at a time. Lol.... They were very good kids though, so it was very easy.

Never a dull moment with them..,

That's all, folks! Thanks for reading!