Monday, January 8, 2018

Nintendo Switch Sleeve Tutorial

Hi! I'm Kirana from I am going to write an introduction for this blog post.

We bought a Nintendo Switch in Japan.
 I really liked it and played with it almost everyday.
If you're wondering what a Nintendo Switch is, it is a video game where you can basically 
"switch" everything. The joy-cons and even the game! You can also connect it to your TV.
It would be nice to bring it around with you, but when you put it in your bag... Oh no! The screen scratched! So, this is a sleeve that will fix that. Let's get started!😊


Now the tutorial (by Kirana's mom)...

1. Make your pattern according to the picture below. It is basically a 6"x24" rectangle with a semi circle at one end.

Note: this is not a printable pattern

1. Cut your outer fabric, lining, and batting(optional). In this tutorial, I used minky for lining and a pre-quilted fabric for the cover, so I didn't need extra batting. For batting, I recommend using fusible fleece. Tip: trim your batting 3/8" all the way around the circumference. This will make it look neater after it's flipped over.  If you use batting, fuse it to the wrong side of your cover following the manufacturer's instruction.

2. Pin your cover and lining right sides together. Start sewing along the edges, leaving a 4" opening on one of the long straight edge.

3. Clip your corners and notch your curve.

4. Through the opening, turn your fabric right side out.

5. Top stitch the short flat edge about 1/4" from the edge.

6. Fold the short flat side in about 10.5" and pin. Top stitch starting from one folded corner to the other folded corner following the curved side 1/4" from the edge to form a pocket.

7. Put your Nintendo in and mark where you want the button to be.

8. Follow your machine's instruction to create a button hole, attach your button, and voila!

Note: I do not recommend snap button for this project because you will need to press into the Nintendo to close it. If you are still wary about making buttonholes, you can use velcro.

Custom made button

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