Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Miss Kiki Turned 9!

It's January 2018 and I just caught up with writing my September travel posts. I'm so behind schedule! Not that I have a real planned schedule anyway... Heheh..

Back in November, Miss Kiki turned 9! Where have the time gone... 

In this post about her last single digit birthday, I took the time to gather the links to her previous birthdays to date. This blog actually started when she was 4 so I plan to post pictures from her first three birthdays later on and update this post. 

Without further ado, here's the roundup!

Unlike her previous birthdays, for her 9th birthday she didn't want any specific theme for her cake nor for her celebration. What she requested was a mama-made cake, no matter the shape. When your close-to-perfect, sweet, only child with little demands asks you to bake her a birthday cake; you make that cake! She was super excited about it that she bragged about mama making her a cake for her birthday. The pressure was real!

I called out to my sister in Vancouver, the lady behind Chicka Bites for help. She gave me instructions and I jumped into the kitchen. We did a test cake before her birthday, and I baked another cake for her birthday celebration at school, which was held a week later due to school exams. She had a nice surprise on that day, Oma was supposed to have work but it was cancelled at the last moment so she made it to school to celebrate! The cake was a hit in class, many of them told me that the cake was really good. Sweet kids, I tell ya! :D 

On her actual birthday that was a Saturday, we went out for brunch at Paradise Dynasty. It was a small celebration just with family. I had had my wisdom tooth removed two days prior, so I was suffering a bit. We had a small cake that my sister bought at Haagen Dazs. After brunch Miss Kiki went for a movie with my sister and stayed out with Oma and Opa until after dinner while I recuperate at home. She said she had fun anyway! :)

We did something special together though. As part of the celebration, we did a photoshoot together with Marina from Azoffoto. Marina is a very talented photographer. Very pleasant to work with, and she always make us look so beautiful!

Here are some pictures from the brunch and the school celebration...

Test cake

Mama-made cake

 Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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