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KL New Year Transmedical Trip 2018

I know we're in the middle of our Japan Winter Holiday series, but after almost dozen posts I think we should take a break and do a shorter post from a more recent trip of mine to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This trip was pre-planned from a few months ago, and is a work-related (outing) trip with Transmedical Institute. Out of thirty something people in our team, only 9 members were able to go. We also had 2 of the spouses that came along.

Seven of us met up on Friday early morning at the Soekarno-Hatta airport T3 Ultimate. The photo collages below are courtesy of our selfie/collage/social media expert friend Intan. You'll see that she's the one holding the phone for most of our wefie :D :D The other members of the team will fly on separate planes from other cities and we had planned to meet up at the airport in KL.

At the gate waiting to board
Aaaand...., we arrived in KL International Airport! We had lunch there while waiting for the other members to arrive. Inside the terminal, prior to the immigration check point, we bought our SIM cards for 20 RM rom diGicom . That was the cheapest we could find, and apparently it's more expensive once you exit.

From the airport, we had booked a van that would take us to Fahrenheit Suites right in Bukit Bintang area. If you're not too familiar with KL, Bukit Bintang area is one of the busiest tourist area in KL for shopping. The whole street is filled with malls and stores and restaurants. Lot 10, Fahrenheit 88, and the famous Pavilion mall just to name a few. 

Our van fit us just perfectly!

After we checked in to our rented apartment, we headed straight out to Petaling Street in Chinatown. From Bukit Bintang, we first entered an MRT station underground. I didn't remember KL having MRTs so I guess it was new.  However, since Google Maps suggested the monorail, we went back outside and crossed over to the Monorail station and took the monorail to Hang Tuah station. From that station we still had to walk to Petaling Street. On the way, we passed a stadium that looked very busy. It turned out that a Korean boyband was going to have a concert that evening at the stadium.

After spending some time at Petaling Street, we decided to have dinner at Nando's. This was our first work-related meeting. :D

After dinner, we decided that walking back to our apartment was do-able after all, so that's what we did. Some of us separated ways already because they had prior engagements. On the way back, we passed Jalan Alor. There were many durian vendors and the smell was very inviting! Six of us stopped to share one 2kg durian. It was the Musang King! Yum! Bitter sweet Durian made very sweet memories :)

The following morning, the two couples in our group went out to buy breakfast for everyone. We had a breakfast meeting that morning.

After breakfast, we realized how far we can actually walk, so we decided to go to Central Market on foot. Central Market is comparable to the Forks Market in Winnipeg. I'm not sure if Jakarta has something similar or not. We stayed there until lunch time, then we walked over to the supposedly famous Chee Meng Nasi Ayam restaurant for lunch. I must say it was a bit disappointing. I think Jakarta and Singapore have better Chicken Rice.

After lunch, we had free time. Everyone went separate ways but a few of us got together for dinner at Madam Kwan's restaurant in the Pavilion Mall basement. I've mentioned this restaurant in my previous KL blog post. This time I got to try more variety of dishes there and I must say they were all good!

That evening I went out Salsa dancing at the Intermark Mall's Savini Italian Restaurant. No one else in the group likes to dance so I went by myself. As usual, latin nights don't usually get busy until past 10 pm, so I left the apartment late in the evening. Saying bye to the group was like having many mothers worrying about me! Hahaha....

Anyway it was a fun night, I got to squeeze out about a dozen dances before I decided to head back.

The next morning, a friend and I went to have breakfast at the Lot 10 food court. Not everyone could go there because it was not halal. We had Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee. It was yummy!

We checked out from the apartment a little past noon, the van picked us up from there but we hired the van to take us places and used it as our luggage storage for the day.

First, we made a stop for a picture with the Petronas Tower. Our driver said that this was the only spot where you can see the twin towers from the ground up.

We then went to Suria KLCC. A few of them went to check out the Petrosains Museum in Suria KLCC. Oh, I almost forgot to mention.... I had forgotten my Supadance dance shoes in the Uber car the night before. The following morning I received an email from Uber stating that the driver reported it and they gave me the phone number of the driver. I messaged him and we arranged that he would meet me at Suria KLCC to give me the shoes. How nice of him!! I was very impressed! 

From Suria KLCC, we went to Putrajaya, the administrative city. It's a brand new city recently built, so it was very nice, clean, and organized. They had nice buildings there.

And... it was finally time to go home. It was a great trip, thanks everyone!

More pictures below, collaborative effort.

View from KLIA monorail

Tokyo Cheese Tart

Tokyo Cheese Tart. Better than cheese tarts I've tried in Jakarta

Still with our cheese tarts. In Bukit Bintang.

Molten Chocolate in Bukit Bintang. Not so good.

Garrett Popcorn cone size!

Madam Kwan's Laksa Curry

Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak

Madam Kwan's Nasi Bojari

Madam Kwan's Broccoli with Mushroom

Breakfast at Lot 10 food court

My first proper latte in KL


In Putrajaya 

Man made lake

We went separate ways at the KLIA, I had to buy a few bottle of booze for DH, accompanied my a friend. After that we had wraps for dinner and I remembered that I might have access to one of their lounges. So in we went! Look... much nicer than our lounges in Soetta, I think....  But, their booze are not free. In Soetta lounges their alcoholic drinks are included.

That's it for today! The next post we'll continue with the Japan series :)

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