Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 9 - Sapporo Winter Illumination

Still on our 4th day in Japan, after the whole missing backpack ordeal I told you about in the previous post, we went to Daiwa Roynet Susukino Hotel I had booked through Agoda. Look at their customised room key card. It's the first time I've seen this! The hotel was located in a good location, walking distance to Odori Park, and it had a 7-eleven on the ground floor.

After check in we still had some time before bed time and I had wanted to go see the famous Sapporo Winter Illumination that had been going on annually for thirty something years. It was a very cold evening (by Japan standard), but DH and Miss Kiki dragged their feet out because I wanted to go :D. We walked to Odori Park to the German Christmas Market Sapporo. It was already closing when we got there. They sold snacks and Christmas decorations and trinkets at the market.

Sapporo Tower

Sapporo Tower

Entrance to German Christmas Market Sapporo

A lit up stage specifically for picture taking.

We walked through the market until we reached the other end and arrived at the 37th Sapporo White Illumination. They had several illumination spots in different colours, visitors can check the map for each of them. 

We stopped for a grilled corn on the cob.... it was so nice and warm in that cold weather!

It was late and cold by the time we finished and we got hungry. We saw Ikinari Steak on the way back and walked in. Miss Kiki said she wasn't hungry and didn't want to eat at all. So I said fine, and ordered 2 steaks for DH and myself. When our steaks arrived, Miss Kiki asked to try some and she ended up eating half of mine. Had I known... I'd have ordered double the amount! Lol... It was good steak!

That was our first night in Sapporo. Stay tuned for the next post!