Monday, January 15, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 7 - Otaru Sakaimachi

On our second day in Otaru after we had breakfast and ice cream, we continued walking to Sakaimachi. This shopping street is one of the busiest in the city and is where a lot of Otaru attraction is located. In front of one of the stores there, we saw this cute dog wearing a Minion outfit. Of course Miss Kiki jumped and squealed and asked if she could pet it. We asked permission from the owner to take a picture with it.

Along the street they have rock statues in the shape of famous characters like Anpanman and Mickey Mouse.

With Anpanman
It was a very nice day, we were able to walk around and had fun without feeling cold even though there were a lot of ice and snow. Check out the platforms they set up on the hill. We think that it's to prevent snow slides...

Most of the buildings there were old style,,, 

Many shops sell fresh seafood and they would cook it for you by order.

As we walked past a souvenir shop, we saw a poster for these snowball makers. Miss Kiki had been eyeing these since Niseko, there were a lot of kids making snowballs using this tool. We didn't see it sold anywhere in Niseko though. We went inside and Miss Kiki bought one with her allowance. She was very happy.

We walked a little further and we started craving for coffee. We stopped at Kahisakan Cafe. DH and Miss Kiki played with snowball outside and I went inside, ordered coffee, and got us a table. Their coffee was okay, it was the typical sweet and flavoured kind. We also tried their manual brew and it was nothing special.

The whole street was full of shops selling either food or souvenirs. Glass shops, alcohol, chocolate, dairy, seafood, and more. You can find several Le Tao stores here, including the original shop.

I bought a couple of choux at Patissier Kitakaro. This is their main store location, and when I was there I saw tourists walk out of there with both hands full of stuff. I only wanted to try their choux cream and I thought that the one from Milk Kobo was still better.

At the end of this street was the Marchen Square. Here they have the Music Box Museum main building as well as the smaller building. You can see all kinds of music boxes there.

Music Box

Le Tao Main Building

Marchen Square

This was our time spent at Otaru Sakaimachi. Our next stop was Tanaka Sake Brewery Factory that will be in the next post.