Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 3 - Niseko Village

When we got back to Hilton Niseko Village  from Milk Kobo and Prativo, we tried to sign up for a family ski lesson for that afternoon. However, even though an instructor was available, there was already a long lineup for the ski rentals and the girl at the counter said that we probably would be late for the lesson and it would cut into our class time, in which case it would be a waste. In the end, we scrapped that idea and signed DH and Miss Kiki up for a snow mobile adventure tour instead. We had about an hour before the tour was supposed to start, so we decided to play in the village.

In the beginners area, there was a small slope for tobogganing and beginner snowboarders. (I don't remember seeing anyone with skis there). Many kids and adults were happily tobogganing so DH went to buy one at the ski rental shop. At 1700 Yen, that plastic toboggan was pricey but we didn't have a choice if we wanted one. We couldn't even take it back to Jakarta afterwards (well we could've but it would be too much effort and we can't use it here). We ended up leaving it at the concierge for our friends who were coming to the same hotel just a week after. At least we extended its worth. Lol...

Look at him go! :D I was so glad that DH was there to play with Miss Kiki. If it were just me and her, this activity wouldn't last too long. And, there won't be any pictures to show!

Crazy concoction they formed... Haha..!

When it was time to gather for the snow mobile tour, we went to the meeting place and snapped some pictures before it started.

It was a group tour and everyone gathered at an appointed time and chose a helmet and goggles.

Afterwards, we walked to where the snow mobiles were parked and the tour leader gave us instructions on how to operate the vehicle.

Next, he let everyone try riding a circle and after that they went away on the tour. I headed back to our room, boiled some tea, and relaxed for a while.

These pictures below were taken at the meeting spot. DH said the view from the tour was very beautiful but his phone died, so we don't have any pictures from the tour. He said that Miss Kiki tried driving the snow mobile too, but I don't have any picture of it. Maybe DH does, I'll update this post later if that's the case.

Below are pictures taken from my room...

Snow mobiles in the middle

Mt. Yotei

Through our large room window, I could see when the tour group was coming back. I packed some tea in thermoses and went out to meet them.

From there we went to the onsen again!

Miss Kiki liked these curtains. She felt like a Japanese princess when she walks through it, she said.

Warm and fresh after the onsen, we headed out to Grand Hirafu Village again for dinner. This time we decided to go to A-Bu-Cha 2

We ordered Butter Hotate (scallop) on charcoal grill,  two sets of yakitori, a plate of Hamachi (that's Miss Kiki's choice), gyoza, and a rice bowl with fried chicken on top. Everything was yummy, we would recommend this restaurant.

We took the shuttle bus back to the hotel, and we took a quick walk through Niseko Village. When I was planning this trip, I wasn't quite sure how the hotel was located in relation to this village. Well now I can tell you that on the side of the hotel building there were stairs that leads up to a hill. The village is located at the end of the staircase.

Everything was already closed at that time so I just went back to the hotel building and visited the souvenir shop inside the hotel. I bought some stuff there and went back to our room while DH and Miss Kiki stayed outside and played with the snow and toboggan.

That was our last night in Niseko. Up next: Otaru!