Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 2 - Milk Kobo and Prativo

On our second day in Niseko, we woke up to a beautiful view from our room. We could see the parking lot on the left side and snow mobiles in the centre.

We got ready and went downstairs to the lobby to catch the hotel shuttle bus. I proposed to DH that we had breakfast at Prativo, a restaurant at Milk Kobo. It was another food spot recommended by The plan was to eat there and go back to Niseko Village to do some winter activity, including a ski lesson for all of us. Alas, we got there too early, Prativo was not open yet! Luckily their cafe was already open so we sat down and I bought some cheese tarts, a choux, and a bottle of yogurt. All made there at Milk Kobo. The cheese tarts were freshly out of the oven. It tasted soooo good! We knew Hokkaido was famous for their dairy products amongst other things, and the products from this place were proof! Mind you, we didn't find any other choux nor tarts in other places in Hokkaido better than these.

Cheese and milk products

Cheese tarts

Melt-in-your-mouth cheese tart



DH and I sat on our table by the window and we let Miss Kiki have her snow time outside the window. Not long after, I decided to join her outside and we walked a bit further around the area. They provided a toboggan there for customer use, so we grabbed it and I showed Miss Kiki how to use it. The area was quite large, all covered in soft, fresh snow. With proper clothes, it wasn't cold at all. It even started snowing lightly when we were out.

My legs :D

When we came back inside, she was all flushed and pink :)

At 11 am Prativo finally opened. We were the first ones there, so we got the best table in the house. Right at the centre, with the view of Mt. Yotei. In just half an hour, the mountain was not visible anymore. How lucky that we got to see it!

Mt. Yotei

Half an hour later
As we sat down, we told Miss Kiki to take her jacket off and found that she was drenched on the inside. We dressed her too warm and she was sweating so much!

In Prativo, it was a set price for adults and children. Adults get to pick one out of 4 main dishes from their menu while kids had an additional option on top of the 4. Miss Kiki chose spaghetti with seafood, and the other two dishes we chose were grilled fish and chicken with tomatoes. They were all yummy. The best part of Prativo is their unlimited salad bar. They had fresh vegetables, cooked vegetables, potatoes, pumpkins, eggs, desserts, drinks, and more. They even served the same yogurt that we had earlier at the cafe. Somehow Miss Kiki barely ate. Maybe she wasn't feeling too well after all that play in the snow, or after being overheated in her clothes.

Prativo foyer
We left Prativo and waited for our shuttle bus at the bus stop across the street and headed back to the hotel...

Up next: Niseko Village