Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 10 - Nijo Market and Marumi Coffee Sapporo

When I was planning for our trip, I repeatedly read that breakfast at one of the morning markets in Sapporo is a must. There are 2 famous morning markets in Sapporo. Sapporo Central Wholesale Market located in the northwest, and the much-smaller-but-closer Nijo Market. 

On our 5th morning in Japan, our friend GC that I mentioned last time inone of my Otaru post was already in Sapporo and he met up with us at our hotel. We walked to Nijo Market for breakfast. I hadn't decided in advance which restaurant I wanted so we just went there and played it by ear. The first one that caught our eyes were full with a long waiting list, so we went to the second one that looked interesting and we put our name down. There was no line in front of us, but even then we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table. While waiting, I hopped over to the next stall and got myself a grilled scallop in shell.

Our first choice with a long line
Cutting Salmon

Cutting Salmon
These were very popular because of the cold weather
Dried Scallops

Grilled Scallop
Uni (sea urchin)
Market side street
I got back to the restaurant with my scallop just in time for us to be seated. The restaurant server was very nice to have offered to cut my giant scallop up even though I didn't buy it there. She was having a hard time cutting it too!

In the restaurant, I ordered kani (crab) rice bowl, and Miss Kiki ordered tuna rice bowl, and DH ordered uni (sea urchin) and tuna rice bowl plus a tray of nigiri sushi for sharing. Our friend ordered a larger version of tuna rice bowl. Hokkaido is supposed to be famous for their uni so we wanted to try it even though we were disappointed at the restaurant in Otaru.

All of our food were fresh and delicious, even the uni that had a different colour than what we usually have. It was very fresh and mild tasting!

Grilled Scallop

Toro and Uni don
Kani don
Toro and tekka don
Assorted Nigiri Sushi. The Ikura was especially fresh.

Restaurant front
Restaurant store area
After our sushi breakfast, of course I had to go and find coffee. After a quick google search, I picked Marumi Coffee for my coffee fix. It was located very close to Nijo Market and it had good ratings on Google. On the way there the kids small and big played with snow.

Sapporo Tower

Too bright!

Sapporo Tower and Soseigawa

The Marumi Coffee had a large selection of beans from around the world to choose from. Of course, they had a couple of beans from Indonesia. When I told them that we were from Indonesia, they showed us their new set of china (cups and saucers) and it was made in Indonesia. :D

Creme Brulee

We didn't spend too much time there for we still had a long list of things to do that day. That would be for the next post. Thanks for reading!