Monday, December 19, 2016

Miss Kiki Turned 8

It was not too long ago that I posted about Miss Kiki's 7th birthday celebration. I felt like I blinked and the 8th birthday passed! This year I told her that we would only celebrate at school and wouldn't be doing any parties outside school.

For this year's goody bags, Miss Kiki decided that she wanted to share books with her friends. She wanted to write it herself, so she started writing a few months prior. After several re-writes, she typed it up on the laptop and got working on the illustrations. Every time she had drawing lesson, she did a picture for her book. All I did for her were scanning, putting the pictures and story together, and then got them printed and bound.

The theme for her birthday this year was Kiki's Delivery Service. We wrapped the books in black tissue paper, tied red ribbons on them, and Miss Kiki drew cat eyes on each package. They represent Jiji and Kiki's ribbon. She worked really hard for them and we had a lot of fun working together.

For the school celebration, I ordered a Kiki's Delivery Service themed cake from Le Soho Cupcake as I did every year before. I was fortunate enough to have a friend that happened to be in Japan when she decided on a theme so I asked them to get us some small models. Thanks so much A and C! You really made her day. Having had the toy models, I simply ordered a bakery themed cake and it turned out wonderful! They even made Kiki a fondant broom to match. I also love the details of the window view they made. 

Well the cake didn't survive the little hands... Before I knew it the roof was already off. I tried my best to put it back on but well, I'm not a cake master. Oh well...

For lunch we treated the class with a mini bento from Mori Express. I custom ordered it to be Kiki's Delivery Service themed as well.

Oma also came to celebrate but she came a little too late. Too bad. After school we went to Gandaria City because Opa also wanted to celebrate with her.

For dinner celebration, Miss Kiki requested Pizza Express so we went to Senayan City. I ordered a small Classic Chocolate Cake from Betterchocolatethannever in Senopati. I moved the toys and broom from one cake to the other :D.

Tante F gave her a Magic and Science kit and it entertained her for many hours... :D

And... more pictures of the torn down cake...

Once again, Happy 8th, Kiki! We love you to the moon and back. XOXO