Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Highland Park Resort Bogor Overnight

Not long after my September trip to Japan was Miss Kiki's term 1 holiday. My friend and I decided to take our kids Glamping overnight. There are several options for glamping near Jakarta and Bandung, but in the end we decided to try out Highland Park Resort in Bogor. They have several different types of accommodations to choose from. We only needed a small one so we booked the Apache tent for 2 adults and 3 kids.

We all went in one car and it took us about 2 hours to get there from South/West Jakarta. The resort was located a little outside Bogor city. As soon as we got off the car, we could feel the fresh and cool air. Bogor is not as cold as it used to be when I was young, I'm not sure if it was the temperature that changed or my tolerance to cold. Haha.

The resort had a wading pool with slides, playgrounds, field to run around, bird cage, flower nursery, and a few other things. The kids wanted to go on the playground instantly.

After we checked in and let the kids play for a bit, we had lunch at the resort's restaurant. Whatever we ordered were pretty good.

After lunch, the kids went to play some more...


They roamed around the playground a little bit and they came across spiderwebs with spiders on them. Well, that was the end of the adventure on this playground. From there we walked over to the bird cage. There was a very large moth on the wall. We also went to see a 'Beo' bird. Google said that it's called a Common Hill Myna in English. This bird is the type that can copy your speech, similar to parrots. The kids had a lot of fun trying to get it to talk.


Chatting with Beo
The weather could not make up her mind that day, it went from cloudy, to scorching hot, to cloudy again and later on it rained heavily. It was okay though, we were able to enjoy different activities from frisbee tossing (not much catching - lol), horse riding, to photo hunting in the rain.

The inside of our tent was draped with thick fabric and completed with electricity (and AC!), it didn't feel like we were in a tent at all. It also had tile flooring and a real shower and toilet. 

It rained heavily that afternoon but once it subsided we had amazingly fresh air with light drizzles. We then took the opportunity to walk around and snapped some pictures.

In the evening after dinner, we requested them to light a bonfire. At first the kids were a little scared, but then they got used to it. We roasted marshmallows and ate them with Malkist crackers. I think that was the most marshmallows Miss Kiki ever ate in a day!

That night it poured like there was no tomorrow complete with lightning and thunder. I personally couldn't sleep well that night the rain and thunderstorm was a bit scary. Miss Kiki also mentioned the next morning that she didn't sleep well.

In the morning we packed our stuff and checked out before we went for breakfast. 

The breakfast selection was okay, and the kids ate quite well. They earned some playtime before we left...

On the way back to Jakarta, we stopped at Rumah Sutra. It was a very interesting place but that would be for another post. Thanks for reading!

Miss Kiki's friend made this as soon as she got home. <3