Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Motykas in Asia Part 1 - Jakarta

You've probably seen my post about our travel to Winnipeg in 2014. During our stay there, we were warmly received at the Motykas' residence. They are like family afterall!

We have been inviting them to come and visit us since the day we moved to Jakarta, and after 5 years, the opportunity finally arrived!! We were so excited about this and DH and I started making a list of places to take them months before they arrived. :D

The M and T arrived at the Jakarta airport on Tuesday afternoon, a few days after Christmas Day. Since DH was still at work and Miss Kiki had her friends over at home, I went to meet them at the airport. What a great feeling to see them again after more than a year, and four years before that! They always have this fun air around them that makes me miss having them around even now, a month after they went back.

From the airport, we came straight home so they could settle down and relax a bit after a very long flight. Miss Kiki was excited too, but the one that she was really waiting for were to arrive the day after. Lol.

That evening we went to Plaza Senayan to meet up with my parents and we had Paradise Dynasty for dinner. That was the beginning of our food adventure. I can't believe I don't have pictures of the food , or more pictures of us from that evening. I hope they have some! I found some pictures now!

Eric Kayser Plaza Senayan

After dinner I went with M for her very first creambath experience. For my non-Indonesian friends (or the ones who never visited me here), creambath is a service at the hair salon where they wash your hair, slab cream on it, massage your head, neck, and shoulders, and rinse your hair afterwards. After the treatment your hair will feel extra smooth and glossy.

During this trip, I had wanted to take them to experience the Premiere movie theatre but unfortunately there was nothing good playing. 

The following morning (Day 2), we headed back to Plaza Senayan to have TWG for breakfast. We keep saying it, they have THE best Eggs Benedict there. DH was able to join us before he headed out to work. I guess the Eggs ben was too good to miss. Hehe.

 After our breakfast we drove DH to work and took the opportunity to get a quick tour around his supposedly google-like office. I didn't take any pictures though.

Unable to decide on what to do next, we headed towards Ancol area and have Bandar Djakarta for late lunch. It was an awesome lunch by the Java sea...

Young coconut in the shell
Grilled fish

Red snapper with Thai sauce

Boiled clams

They were passing by and Miss Kiki wanted a picture
With a full stomach we went to the airport to pick up the one Miss Kiki had been wishing and waiting for... DM arrived!

Look at that happy face... she got a hold of him and wouldn't let go...

Since it was too early to go home, we all headed to Pacific Place where my parents were. Apparently West Jet made a blunder and had left DM's suitcase in Winnipeg, so he did not have it when he arrived. DH came to meet us there at Pacific Place and the boys went to have dinner. With Miss Kiki, of course. T and M and I walked around the mall and took some pictures. They still have the Christmas decorations up.

That evening we ended up staying at the mall until closing time. Here is our picture at GROM Gelato by Galeries Lafayette.

Coming soon: Part 2!

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