Friday, August 28, 2015

Working in Bandung Part 2

This post is continued from Working in Bandung Part 1 and Weekend in Bandung post. After dropping Miss Kiki and DH at the Bandung Station I did a bit more shopping and then met up with my colleagues who just arrived back in Bandung. We went for dinner at Paskal Food Market. It was still a weekend and the Food 

The next morning, we went to work as usual...

Check out these orchids at our work place...

That evening we went to PVJ in hopes for a cream bath, but to our dismay the entire mall did not have a hair salon for adults at all! So we went to Suis Butcher for dinner instead. Pretty good food in general, except for my steak. It was sour tasting. I had been really unlucky with steaks those two weeks. They responded really well to my complaints though, and fixed my problem right away. So yeah, I would say they are good :)

I had a little bit of time at work the following day, so we took that chance for some pictures!!

Despite our failed attempt to get a creambath the night before, we were determined to try again. Based on Foursquare, we decided to go to La Maison salon. We could not find their telephone number anywhere, even the one listed on Google was incorrect. So we decided to just go there and took our chances. It was open and they had space for the three of us! We opted for the Organic Creambath, strawberry for myself, lemon for another. Our other colleague opted for a massage instead. The cream smell was extremely strong, I highly doubt it was organic. Regardless, we all had a nice time.

Hungry after our treatment, we went to Saka Bistro. It had pretty good reviews on Foursquare and it did not disappoint! The place was quite large with many photo opps, the service was better than usual, and the food was good! I would definitely recommend this place.

Avocado Pineapple Salad

Broccoli Cream Soup

Sticky Ribs

Open Burger


Creme Brule

The following day after work, we had two more colleagues joined us. I was supposed to go home that evening, but changed my mind considering the traffic (and my mom's order). The two paediatricians and the GP had to join dinner with the clients, so I went shopping with the cardiologist. For dinner we went to Giggle Box Cafe that was also good but simple.

The next morning..... Hello Jakarta traffic!