Thursday, August 20, 2015

Weekend in Bandung

This story is the link between Work in Bandung Part 1 and Part 2.

I had an almost 2-week assignment in Bandung earlier this month, and instead of coming back to Jakarta on the weekend I decided to stay and invited DH and Miss Kiki to come and visit me. They took the Parahyangan train from Gambir Station to Bandung Station.

Gambir Station

The train was scheduled to arrive at 11:30 but it arrived at almost noon. Regardless, it was so good to see them again!

Bandung is located just 2 hours drive from Jakarta. With cheaper and better food and recreation options, Bandung is a very popular spot for Jakartans to visit on weekends. Thus, they have awful traffic jams starting Friday night until Sunday night.

Our first destination after Bandung Station was supposed to be Aroma Coffee not too far from the station. After long traffic jams and detours, I changed my mind and headed straight to Two Hands Full for brunch. The atmosphere there was nice, and they had bike racks to park your bicycle. No one used it though... :( Latte was good, but it was slightly more thin than my usual latte... not sure why. Croque Madame was good, and Eggs in Hell was also good but can be heartburn-causing. Several of their menu items were already gone when we got there, around 1 pm. Next time we should come earlier.


Croque Madame

Eggs in Hell

Then we went to Rumah Mode for some shopping. Miss Kiki got herself and her cousin some matching shirts, and DH got himself some shirts. Then I got Miss Kiki an overpriced gelato at their food court while waiting for DH to finish shopping.

Having had enough shopping time, we took Miss Kiki to Lactasari Farm at Paris Van Java (PVJ) based on a friend recommendation. We paid Rp. 60.000 for Miss Kiki, and that includes 1 adult, a small bottle of milk for feeding, a pouch of milk to take home, and a small basket of veggies. An extra adult cost Rp. 10.000. Miss Kiki was sooooooooo happy to be there! First she fed the kids (baby goats) with milk and veggies. Then she fed the sheep and rabbits with veggies. I bought her some milk in a large bottle to feed the baby cows, and an extra baskets of veggies. They cost Rp. 5.000 each.

Since we were already there, we took the opportunity to walk around PVJ for a bit. I bought myself a pair of flippers flip flop at Rp. 80.000, which is actually cheaper than what Rumah Mode sold them for (I found out later on that Rumah Mode sells them at Rp. 99.000). We also bought a bottle of fresh juice at Rp. 25.000 that tasted really good. That's a very good price for fresh juice, considering in Jakarta the price would easily double. 

In the evening we went to Miss Bee Providore for dinner. They had a waiting list going already, but we were willing to wait. We were not too hungry after all. The restaurant had a nice outdoor playground complete with a pet bunny. I love how they had various trees in the playground and that they marked the name of the trees. Miss Kiki really enjoyed it there, as well as her time in the indoor playground. However, the food was just so so.

The following day, we had a small breakfast at the hotel. Miss Kiki wanted to have some yogurt so I took them to Cisangkuy Yogurt. It was Sunday and they had a street market going on in the area. We had to park a bit far and walked. 

I can't remember where we wanted to go after Yogurt and it didn't work out, but in the end we decided to check out Treehouse Cafe across from Toko You on Jalan Hassanudin. Food was okay, but Miss Kiki had fun playing there.

We still had time after lunch but I decided that Hummingbird would've been a better place to sit and wait. So we moved there... DH and I each had a cake and Miss Kiki had a quesadilla. All were good, but..... they overcharged me again.

Later on I took them to Bandung Station... :(

And that was the end of our weekend in Bandung!

Coming next: Work in Bandung part 2