Friday, April 8, 2011

I Love Geeks Handbook

My Geek was so impressed when he saw me come out of the book store with this book. "Aawh, are you trying to get to know me better?" said he with a wide grin on his face. "Yes of course, Dear! Why wouldn't I?" I replied teasingly.

Geeks are so sweet and easy to love. Once you can see past their geeky-ness, that is. A whole lot of my friends would agree, I know, since they already are going out with one, or are married to one. Just like me.

Sometimes I would wonder what the heck he could have been doing, sitting 8 hours straight being on the computer (yes, through lunch break) and come home and be back on it some more waaaaaay past any normal human bed time. Yet, he still says that he needs more computer time. Thank goodness this doesn't happen 365/year.

On the other side, they are very loyal, and they would always try giving you solutions to make your life more efficient to show their love. Don't resent it. Just try to be open minded, and as soon as you figure out the processes that he lays out in front of you, it most often does make your life easier. :)

Oookay, now finally the book review. It's a light read, informative, but it could easily be too much if you don't have at least a hit of geeky-ness in you. I had a lot of fun reading it because I can totally relate to it, even though I don't think I obtained extra knowledge from it other than what I already knew.