Saturday, August 14, 2010

On The Road to Recovery

I've been MIA for over a week now because I caught Miss Kiki's viral infection. It hasn't been fun at all. It started with a fever on the long weekend, and when we got to the doctor three days later, she diagnosed strep throat. Due to a possibility of penicillin allergy, I was prescribed prescribed a $40 antibiotic, which didn't help at all. A whole week later,  the swab test result finally came out and it was NEGATIVE. It was viral infection after all, and at this point, the infection was already in my mouth, which caused the gums to swell and bleed. I was so miserable. I thought back to what Miss Kiki had to go through if this was the same thing, she sure didn't look as miserable as I was! I was the spoiled one, I guess.

I'm now on day 12 of being sick, but it seems to get better the past two days. Regardless, I'm so sick of being sick so here I am composing a post here. So here are a few things I learnt these past couple of weeks.

  • If your baby's drool smells like your husband's when he wakes up, check for a sore throat.
  • Moms are not bullet proof. I somehow grew up believing that they are and they don't get sick. And if they do, they will get better in a blink. Well, I still foolishly think that MY mom is like a tank every now and then.
  • Baby's behaviour change is a SIGN. Pay attention!
  • When your tot gets a sore throat and refuse to eat or drink anything, try a Java Chip Frappuccino
  • If your throat is sore and swollen, ICE it from the outside. It does wonders.
  • Watch your tot all the time, or she might eat your shoe!
  • On the brighter side, I lost my baby weight and when fully recovered, I'll work on getting the abs stronger :D

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