Friday, August 20, 2010

Laptop Sleeve 'Red Maloo' Style

Red canvas on the outside, flannel on the inside, felt Paul Frank applique.

As a laptop mat.
Update: Here's the quick link to the tutorial
Since I bought my new 13" Macbook Pro, I've been searching for the perfect laptop sleeve for myself. I wanted one that looks unique and suits my personality. After many visits to the malls and computer stores, I considered making my own and came across this cool Red Maloo laptop sleeve that can be opened and used as a laptop 'mat' and mousepad. My search was almost over...

Originally, Red Maloo made these sleeves from kimono fabric, only available in Japan. Now they make them using thick wool felt. Since none of the local fabric stores carried thick wool felt and I didn't have enough patience to order online and wait for it to arrive, I decided to use regular fabric interlined with fusible fleece.

I really liked the way it turned out and my sister was quite impressed she asked me to make one for her as well.

So here are some pictures of what I made and I will post the tutorial soon!