Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Love

4 days of fever, and 2 days of antibiotics. Can't be fun for anyone, especially for a wee one under two. My poor Miss Kiki still had a high fever last night and this morning, despite the Tylenol and Advil we had given her. Since her body weight was borderline the dosage brackets we decided to up her Advil dosage and it seemed to have worked. This afternoon she was playful and smiling again, although still fussy for most of the day.

This whole illness and worry and fussiness have been wearing all of us thin, and things can't seem to go back to normal soon enough to me. The constant whining, crying, wanting to be carried everywhere and screaming is normal for any kid, sometimes they don't even have to be sick. But Miss Kiki has been an exceptionally easy going girl that we, as parents, were very spoiled. We're not used to this crying baby business...

On top of that, our home was upside down, laundry had been neglected, and I had a long list of 'to do' things. With my sister being away this week, we had no one to go to  for help. We were tired, frustrated, and sleep deprived. 

When I was trying to put her to bed tonight, she demanded me to nurse her, left and right, left again, and right again, and again and again... She screamed, she wailed, she cried. I couldn't stand it anymore, I broke down and cried. I cried as loud as she was crying and for a few seconds we were just two girls crying. I had wanted MY mom to make me feel better!

Then suddenly she stopped. She called "Mama....," then she called "Anaana..," which was how she called herself. I'm thinking she's trying to make me happy, because we've always given her applause and lots of kisses when she can call herself. She repeated herself. "Maaama..., Anaanaa....." Then she lay next to me and stuck her head under my chin. Quiet. Peaceful. Wow. 

Little children are not so simple after all. They know when you feel upset, and they always want to make you feel better. And a lot of times, they know just what to do for that. 

I can see light at the end of this tunnel, and right now, I thank God for my little sunshine by my side.

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