Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sick Miss Kiki

Poor Miss Kiki had a fever since Wednesday. I noticed her warm body since that afternoon, but I had blamed it on the hot car, hot air, and the overall hot everything that day. Then that night, in our cool air conditioned little apartment, we were surprised to find her still warm. Aaaah! I went straight to the thermometer and took her temperature. Over 38 celcius! Good ol' non-dyed Infant Tylenol usually helps. Lucky that she actually likes taking it. Fever went down. Phew!

Thursday afternoon. Fever is back. This time almost 29 celcius. Time to call the doctor! Not sure what's wrong. Ear slightly red, throat seems fine, no rash, no swells. Doctor prescribed antibiotics and urinalysis. It's pretty cool how they do it for babies. The Lab lady gave me a plastic pocket with a sticker to stick to the baby to contain the urine.

3 am Friday. "Mama, jusss, jusss...." Cried Miss Kiki asking for juice. My wonderful husband got out of bed to get her juice. She almost finished the whole cup in one go! Oh my goodness, she's BURNING! Quick! Grab the thermometer! Now she's over 40 Celcius and I started to panic. We're going to emergency, I decided. More Tylenol. Rushing to the hospital, my mind was full of thoughts... good and bad, guilt, worry, all mixed together. Where did I fail to protect her from harm?!!

Hospital experience was better than I thought. Thank goodness for Canadian Health System, regardless of what other people have to complain about. A resident doctor had a look at Miss Kiki and found that her throat was very irritated. Well, we hope that this is the only thing that is wrong. We went home slightly relieved. I should've suspected this a few days back when I thought to myself that her drool smelled funky.

Friday and Saturday. Miss Kiki has been doing her best to be nice despite her high temperature. We are now alternating between Advil and Tylenol to keep her fever down without going OD. She hasn't eaten much from lack of appetite but at least she's still drinking some.... Of course, she will drink Java Chip Frappuccino with lots of whipped cream. Well, better than nothing, I guess.

When I was younger, I used to think that my parents were silly to be sooo worried and concerned when I got sick, be it minor fever or when I had to be hospitalized. Mom, dad, if you're reading this, I'm soooo SORRY! I now know as parents we are programmed to worry about our most precious treasures called sons and daughters. We worry about things, we feel guilty and awful when things go wrong, we want all the best for them. And mine is not even two yet!

Miss Kiki is now asleep and I hope and pray that she will be better tomorrow. "I love you, sweetie...."

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