Monday, October 15, 2018

Summer in North America 2018 Part 15 - Marsh, Steveston, Boathouse, and Night Market

It was Monday, July 2nd. The previous day was Canada Day Sunday, so most people had the Monday off. The system where a holiday is transferred to the following weekday if it falls on a weekend does not apply in Indonesia, but we already have a LOT of holidays to begin with.

In the morning at around 8 am Miss Kiki woke me up and reminded me of our promise to go to the marsh. We put our jackets on and headed out, just the two of us. It was windy and chilly, but the sun was shining bright at the same time.

When we arrived at the marsh it was open and there were a few other people already inside that we occasionally saw. Most of the time though there were no one else in sight. Miss Kiki was very excited, as anything wild is very interesting to her. On the other hand, I was slightly nervous. We could hear birds and other small animals, but only spotted a few. Even though Miss Kiki was a bit disappointed that there weren't a lot of animals to see, she was happy that she got to go on an adventure. 

We left the wildlife preserve area and started walking back to the house, the temperature was already friendlier than before. The sun shone so bright we regretted not bringing our shades with us.

We went home, got ready, and went out for brunch at another Chinese cafe in Richmond. Again, I couldn't remember the name. As usual, the menu was heavy on carbs that I felt guilty eating it :D

Check out Miss Kiki's silver half pony tail. I had bought L'Oreal Colorista temporary spray during my last visit to Walmart and let her try it. She was super pumped!

We went to Richmond Centre after brunch but somehow had no taste for shopping at that time. Instead, we separated with my sister and her family and headed down to Steveston Harbour. It was a nice day out afterall....

Our first stop at Steveston was their famous Dave's Fish and Chips

From there we went to the Fisherman's Wharf where the fish market was. You can buy seafood right from the boats at the pier. We spent some time walking around in that area before we drove back to Richmond to meet up with my sister again. 

Before we reached our meeting place we drove by a park that seemed very interesting, so on a whim I parked and decided to check it out. The place turned out to be part of a walking trail, on the side of Fraser River, right by UBC Boathouse. They had sculptures there that was actually a science display, exploring sound waves. How sound travels, how pitches can vary, etc. We all had fun trying them out.

They also had a playground for kids, and Miss Kiki checked it out for about 5 minutes before we had to go.

We met up with the rest of the gang from there. DH was going to watch a movie with my brother-in-law. My sister and my niece were to join Miss Kiki and I and we were going to Richmond Night Market.

The market was very similar to ones you would find in Asia, and the merchandise they were selling were mostly imported from Asia...

There were many arcade games and rides but nothing spectacular. We allowed the kids to choose one game each at $5. 

Miss Kiki had a hard time choosing one. She went round and round the market, checking out the prices of each game. She was interested in this floating ball game at first, but the price was higher than her game allowance. She went round and round again, and decided that she doesn't need any prizes, she'd rather pay the remaining fee with her own money so she can gain the experience. Approving her choice, I quietly patted myself on the back :D She paid the fee and entered the ball. 

When she came out of the ball, she was still happy with her choice. I am also happy for her. We then decided it was time to go...

On the way home, we went to The Bubble Tea Shop in the Superstore building to have some bubble waffle. They make good ones there. In the car Miss Kiki asked me, "Mom, do you make me pay for things with my own money so I can think if something is expensive or not and whether or not it's worth it?"  She said that she just thought about this and I was impressed that she could come to that conclusion all by herself. She said that because it was her own money and it was limited, she had to think twice or more before spending it. She told me that in the beginning she was upset, thinking why Mama wouldn't spend money on stuff she wanted; but then reflected on herself. She thought if she herself wouldn't spend money on that something, why would other people want to?! <3

That was the end of our day, please stay tuned for the next post: our road trip to Seattle!