Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Bangkok 2018 Summary

As usual, I summarize the posts in a series in a single post to make it easier to link it in the Travel Links page. This one lists all the posts for our recent family trip to Bangkok. Please click on the individual links to see more pictures and read about them.

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  • Tuesday, January 8, 2019

    Bangkok 2018 Part 5 - Wat Pho

    On our last full day in Bangkok, we had planned a full day of visiting tourist attractions at the Grand Palace area. We started with breakfast at a cafe that had high ratings on Google that was a bit of a walk from the hotel. It was called Quest Connaisseur Cafe. To my dismay, they ran out of most food items on the menu at 10:30 am when we got there, and there was only one person working at the coffee and he had to handle everything from cashier, barista, cleaner, and food prep work. It took a long time for our coffees to arrive and it had delayed us quite a bit.

    We arrived at the Grand Palace area and found a long lineup to enter. Then it started drizzling. We retracted our plan to visit the palace and went for lunch instead. My sister had The Sixth planned for lunch so we walked straight there.

    The Sixth is a very small cafe that served Thai food very near to Wat Pho. When we got there we had to wait a bit for some tables to free up, and we had to split into two tables. The food was quite good, but the Thai ice tea was extremely sweet it was difficult to drink.

    After lunch we visited Wat Pho, the Temple of Reclining Buddha. We didn't feel like taking our shoes off to enter and see the reclining Buddha so we decided to walk around the temple ground instead.

    By this time Miss Kiki was getting a bit cranky so I handed her the Olympus and she cheered right up! A lot of the pictures below are taken by her!

    Taking a picture of a cat

    The said cat picture

    By the time we were done at Wat Pho, we were sweaty and sticky we decided to abandon any outdoor plans and headed over to the brand new Icon Siam instead. The Icon Siam is a very large mall that is the latest addition to Bangkok's luxurious shops. The mall hosts the Japanese department store Takashimaya and a lot of other stores. The upper floor has a deck that faces the river, kind of similar to Tokyo's Decks.

    Later on, we went to Central World again for dinner and then went back to the hotel with a stop at a massage parlour that Miss Kiki had been begging us to go to since we arrived a few days prior.

    That was our last night in Bangkok. I spent the next morning packing up and catching up on sleep, and we were picked up by a van we had ordered to go to the airport. Our flight was delayed but it wasn't too bad. Here's Miss Kiki filling up her travel diary while waiting for boarding time. The novel she had brought for this trip were finished on the third day....

    That's all for now, please look forward to our next adventures!