Monday, April 9, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 19 - Nippori Textile Street and Science Museum Chiyoda

There are a few things that occupy a large part of my mind other than my family; travel, coffee, and fabric (in no particular order). And dancing I guess, though instead of thinking about it I just do it. That being said, I set aside some time for me to visit Tokyo's Nippori Textile Street.  You might have read about this place before in one of my posts from my visit in September 2016

DH kindly offered to take Miss Kiki on a date so I can freely shop. Brave man, I tell ya, for letting me loose in Nippori with a credit card. :D 

So it happened by chance that I had sent a WhatsApp message to my friend who also likes to sew the previous night and she told me that she was also in Tokyo! So we set a date to go shop together. She was also staying in Shibuya area, so we decided to meet up by the station. 

The train ride from Shibuya Station to Nippori Station takes about 30 minutes on JR Yamanote line. From Nippori station, we walked towards the 6-story Tomato store with a few stops in between. We got leather scraps for cheap, and I bought several hardwares like Clover clips and plastic snap buttons. The Chinese-made ones are available in Jakarta but I must say Japanese quality is a totally different game.

Finally we arrived at our destination and we walked... and grabbed bolts of fabric, got them cut, continued walking, and repeat. We did all the floors of Tomato. I got myself a bunch of laminated cottons, canvases, and gauzes, as well as regular quilting and shirting cotton. 

Meanwhile, DH and Miss Kiki actually got up early and headed out for breakfast before they went to a Science Museum in Chiyoda.

The science museum was located in Kitanomaru Park (Kitanomarukoen), near the National Museum of Modern Art and the Budokan. If you're a fan of Studio Ghibli movies, you've probably heard of Joe Hisaishi's concert at the Budokan a few years back. Here's a clip from the concert if you're curious... No, I wasn't there. This video is linked from youtube.

Back to Kitanomaru Park.... Here are some photos of the area.

Finally, the museum!

This museum is very popular amongst Japanese children, as it has a lot of hands on displays and activities for younger kids. I was told that when DH and Miss Kiki got there, the ticket seller warned them that it was very busy with school kids.

Can you guess what these displays are teaching the kids?

They had pre-scheduled experiment shows.... this one is about liquid nitrogen. To see what happened when different materials were inserted in liquid nitrogen.

Illusion Kitty


Meanwhile...., I took a lunch break with my friend and her daughter. It was a restaurant on the same street on the 2nd floor of a building. Not very visible, but we were hungry so anything would do :D

Back at the museum...

And finally, DH and Miss Kiki went to have lunch as well. Not sure where they ate, but I have pictures of the food! :D

Late afternoon, (okay, it was almost evening) we finished shopping.... Yay!

DH took Miss Kiki to Dominique Ansel to buy her the roasted marshmallow ice cream that she wanted.

These are some of my loots from Nippori. I was so happy! Lol...

Laminated cotton

Gauze for baby blanket

Other fabric

That evening we met up at Mark City Mall where DH and Miss Kiki had lined up for us at the always-busy Midori Sushi. We were there in 2016 and it was very good that we wanted to come back. 

Yummmm....... it was so good!
Stay tuned for the next post!