Friday, April 6, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 17 - Tokyo Miraikan

Our second day in Tokyo was clear and bright. That morning we ventured out to Odaiba area, to the Miraikan specifically. But first things first.... we started our day with breakfast and coffee... We went to Excelsior Cafe in Marks City Shibuya and bought two of their breakfast sets. For Miss Kiki, I bought a quiche from Jean Francoise just down the hall. She had tried their quiche during her last visit there and loved it. Alas, because it was winter and Japan is very seasonal, the quiche they served had different toppings. This time it was chestnut and Miss Kiki didn't like it so much. She ate it anyway though...

After breakfast we went to search for About Life coffee. Located near Shibuya Mark City, it's a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that served nice coffee. It was not very noticeable, we actually passed it and had to trace back to find it. 

With coffee in hands, we walked back to Shibuya Station to catch the JR train to Odaiba. Time for some photos at the platform!...

Can you spot us?

Check out this futuristic looking train that passed by....

We arrived in Odaiba! A man-made island located in Tokyo Bay (built in the 1850s!), Odaiba seems very open and wide compared to Shibuya. Home of many futuristic looking buildings as well as the famous Gundam Statue and a miniature of Statue of Liberty, you could easily spend a whole day or more in the area. As soon as we got out of the station we were greeted with a clear blue sky. We walked towards the Miraikan and saw a few things on the way.

Tsubaki (Camellia)

Can you see Gundam?


As mentioned before, our main purpose there that day was to visit the Miraikan. "Mirai" is a Japanese word that means "future". As such, the Miraikan is the National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology. It was a great museum that gave interesting scientific information in a fun manner and at the same time it challenged its visitors to think about the future, and it was one of the very few museums with English signs and explanations.

I bought our tickets and entered the building. The size was a bit overwhelming but we soon figured out where the main exhibitions were. We only paid to see the permanent exhibition because we figured we wouldn't have time to see it all...

Here are some of the things we saw there...


These round stickers were found on the floor. That's why they look a bit dirty...

There were many interactive displays there...

Can you spot Miss Kiki?

Can you spot me?

Kiki wants to use magnetism to make flying cars
One of the main attraction in Miraikan was Aismo, the futuristic robot made by Honda. We had the opportunity to sit front row to see Aismo.

She spent a looooot of time on this spot

This was also one of the main attraction of Miraikan, but unfortunately we didn't get to see it in action.

One section in the Miraikan showed how the Internet worked. We had fun sending and receiving simple messages to each other.

sending messages

Our tokens

The internet system

balls being sent back and forth
Another display was about smell...

We moved on to a different floor with space-themed displays. Unfortunately, we had to breeze through it because we were running out of time. We had to run back to Shibuya area to meet up with Miss Kiki's best friend from pre-school.

All in all, we thought that the Miraikan was awesome and if you have the time you should pay a visit. I suggested the place to my friend for her son and he also loved it.

We rushed back to the train station and still managed to miss the train we wanted to take. Thus, we took the next train.

I hope you got a little something from this peek inside the Miraikan post. Stay tuned for the next one!