Sunday, April 1, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 16 - Tokyo

It's been a while since my last Japan Winter Holiday 2017 post. Laziness and procrastination had struck. We're almost at the end here so please bear with me.

We arrived in Tokyo Haneda airport and took JR Trains to get to our AirBnb in Shibuya. We dropped off our stuff, rested a bit, and headed back out to meet my friend for dinner.

We had planned to go to a restaurant called Tokachi. Located in Ueno-Hirokoji area, they are famous for their Buta-don (pork rice bowl). Unfortunately, we were turned down at the restaurant because we didn't have any reservations. It was bonenkai (year end party) season after-all. A lot of restaurants were very busy for dinner.

We walked around a bit and chose a cute little restaurant nearby. They served yakitori and other food. Aside from yakitori (chicken on skewers), we had salad, oden, omelette, karaage, umeshu, and more. We were so full! 


Tori karaage (fried chicken)




Cute fork for yakitori




Roasted Marshmallows

Ice cream

After dinner we separated ways. My friend went home, DH went to meet up with our friend, and Kiki and I went back to Shibuya area to head back. At the time, Shibuya collaborated with Hello Kitty for their winter illumination. Can you spot the kitty bows on the trees?

At Hachiko Square

That was our first day in Tokyo. Until next post!