Monday, February 5, 2018

Japan Winter Holiday 2017 Part 14 - Ramen Alley and Parfait in Sapporo

The morning after our long day of factory tours and dinner, we woke up late and close to hangry (so hungry that one gets angry). Yeah, we've all been there, admit it! We got together with our friend again and we decided to head to Ramen Alley for breakfast. Truthfully, I've never heard of this alley before but it was listed on the local map at our hotel, and we decided to go there because it was about 2 blocks away. 

With some difficulties we found the Ramen alley, which was actually a basement of a building with a strip of ramen shops. Most of them were still closed! We thought that maybe because it was a Sunday that they opened late. 

Somewhere in the middle of the strip we found a couple of shops in operation, so we picked one and ordered. I was supposed to share a ramen bowl with Miss Kiki as usual but after a bit of misunderstanding we ended up with one bowl each. My Japanese was very limited afterall :(

They were good bowls of ramen... but as I've said before, Jakarta doesn't lack good ramens. Thus, this bowl didn't knock our socks off.

Tiny ramen shop
Chashu men

Butter corn chashu men

Despite our full tummies (that Miss Kiki didn't even finish her ramen), we caved to the Cheese tarts calling our names. Especially since DH had been raving about the Milk Kobo cheese tarts to our friend who had missed it. This shop was located in one of the connection tunnels of Sapporo Station.

City Tram

It was a bright day in Sapporo complete with a mostly clear blue sky. We tried taking a picture outside but it was so bright, Miss Kiki pulled her shades out and put them on. Well the other two just wanted to be as cool, so there...

Our friend had this idea of going to a parfait shop, so we found one through Google called Last Mint. They specialised in pancakes and parfaits. It was a retro style shop with the coolest maple syrup dispenser I've seen so far. They offered three types of maple syrup, each came in container that dispenses the syrup from the bottom. No more messy leaks on the sides!

So-so coffee

Strawberry pancake

Strawberry Parfait
I can't remember what this one was... either chocolate or tiramisu parfait.

From there, we headed back to our hotel and said good bye to our friend who was leaving for Hakodate that day. Our trip to Tokyo was scheduled for the day after. It had been awesome travelling around Otaru and Sapporo together!

Our hotel lobby