Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Northern Thailand 2017 - Chiang Mai Part 2

After our visit to Doi Suthep Wat, we drove to the Royal Flora Rajapruek Garden. The sun came out and it became very hot and bright. At the garden, there were several options to go around. On foot, by shuttle, bicycle, Segway, or private buggy. We got ourselves tickets for hop-on-and-off shuttle bus and hopped on. Miss Kiki got a chance to test the Segway while waiting for the tickets.

The Royal Garden had many stops and it would take a whole day to explore each and every one of them. Some are themed by the plant type, like Orchid Park, Butterfly and insect park, Herb garden; and others have country themes like Japan, Cambodia, China, and so on.

Our first visit was to the Orchid Park, They had different types of orchids and other flowers there. All pretty, but nothing I've never seen before. One interesting flower though, is called Fuchsia. I think this is how the colour Fuchsia got its name.

The girl who likes to read

The Fuchsia flower

After the Orchid Park, we hopped on the shuttle again and off at the Butterfly Park and Insectarium. They had a collection of different Tarantulas there, it made my hair stood a bit. Heheh.

Our final stop was the Royal Pavilion. There were souvenir and drink vendors near the Pavilion, and we got to taste some delicious Thai Orange Juice. They claimed that it was 100% OJ with no sugar added. It was just soooo sweet it's hard to believe.

By then we were hot and hungry so we decided to move on for lunch. Stay tuned for part 3!

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