Thursday, November 9, 2017

Northern Thailand 2017 - Chiang Mai Part 3

Continuing from my previous post, the lunch we had was good but not great. Very mild dishes in a nice restaurant setting. Somehow I didn't take any pictures.

The next on our itinerary was the Bo Sang Handicraft Centre. Here they displayed how they made paper from tree barks and turned them into their famous paper umbrellas. 

Here they had a souvenir shop where you can buy your own paper umbrellas, handmade papers, as well as other handicrafts. You can choose to buy an already painted umbrella or fan, or buy a plain one and either paint it yourself or have one of the artists there paint something for you for a small fee.

Of course, Miss Kiki opted to paint something herself. She chose an off white paper umbrella and started painting. She took what seemed like forever to paint the thing I had to join in and paint the other half of the umbrella or we would have to wait all day! :D

Next, we went to the fruit market. Thailand had very similar fruits to Indonesia but different. Some are better and some not as good. But..... I love how they completely peeled this coconut from the shell and sell it in a container ready to drink and eat. It's the first time I've seen anything like that! I hope they would start selling those in Indonesia. It would be so convenient!

It was near sunset and we got dropped off at the beginning of the Sunday Night Market. We walked and shopped and ate. The market had a foodcourt area and they had a selection of food to choose from. None of them tasted that great though... I guess Thai Street Food is just not our thing.

We walked and walked and walked. I was really impressed that Miss Kiki didn't complain much. I bought her ice cream as a reward.

Free hand! Amazing hand stability!
This is the end of our day tour. Coming up next: our trip to Elephant Nature Park!