Monday, September 11, 2017

11 Places To Visit With Your Kids in Jakarta

Many times people asked me where they can take their kids in Jakarta, a city notorious for its malls and shopping centres. Without further ado, listed below are my recommendations.

1. Houbii Urban Adventure Park

This large indoor park is situated in Jakarta, near Pondok Indah Mall. There are many courses in the park that kids and adults love. Ninja Course, Dodge Ball Course, Airbag, and Rope Course just to name a few. Miss Kiki usually goes there with her friends or with DH. A guardian is allowed to enter the area for free  as long as he or she doesn't play.


2. Playground Kemang

The Playground is an outdoor play area in Kemang, South Jakarta. The place is laid back with huts, tables, and benches for the adults while waiting for the kids.


3-4. Waterbom Jakarta

Located in North Jakarta, Waterbom is a popular spot on weekends and holidays. This large waterpark has many different slides and pools to cater to small children and adults alike. If you prefer South Jakarta, the newer Pondok Indah Waterpark is also an option.


5-6. GBK Stadium

Currently under renovations for the Asian Games, the GBK Stadium used to be a nice place for  jogging or biking. Some people would also gather with their R/C cars and drones. You can monitor their renovation progress on the website and see when they will re-open. At the moment, Kalijodo is supposed to be an alternative for biking, walking, and skate boarding but I myself have never been there.


7. Scientia Square Park

This new-ish park is actually located a little bit outside Jakarta, but is still easily accessible. It's quite lush and organized, they have spots for different activities from running, biking, skating, to kite flying. They also frequently have events going on.


8. Bremgra Indoor Climbing

Wall climbing is not really my thing, but Miss Kiki and her friends had fun when we went to Bremgra Wall Climbing. They have a special area for children if they don't have any experience.


9. Galeri Keramik Kollekan

Work on your artsy side at Galeri Kollekan. It's a small ceramic studio in Cipete, South Jakarta. You can go there and work on your own things or if you want they can also teach you how to make things. Kids have fun working with their hands and they get to take their masterpiece home.


10-11. Bintaro Fish Centre and Talaga Sampireun

Okay Talaga Sampireun is actually a restaurant, but I think it's quite suitable to be on this list. There are 3 locations of Talaga Sampireun and we had gone to the one in Bintaro. The restaurant is set around a fish pond. Children can feed the fish while waiting for the food. There was also a play area for kids but I think you have to pay for everything. A visit here can be combined with a visit to Bintaro Fish Centre, where children can do fun activities like lobster catching and caring for a water porcupine.