Monday, July 10, 2017

Earrings Organizer Tutorial

Those who know me know that I don't wear much jewellery other than earrings. I've started a habit of buying at least a pair when I travel, and my family and friends would sometimes think of me when they see an interesting one and bring me a pair. (God bless them!)

After a while, they became difficult to organize. On the day I couldn't find my pair of pink Swarovski DH had bought me many years ago, I decided that I need an organizer solution STAT. Where else could one go for solution ideas other than Pinterest. 

The keyword "Earring organizer" gave a lot of results on Pinterest and it didn't take too long before I decided which one would suit me best. I knew I wanted something on the wall. Most of my earrings are open-hook and dangly. So the burlap covered frame would suit me best. 

First, I measured my wall area and decided the dimension I wanted my organizer to be. Then, I searched for the wooden inner frame, the same kind they use to stretch canvases for photos or for painting. In Indonesia, they are called 'spanram'. This was something I just learnt during my search. 

I ordered my frame from Rcf Wood +62 812-8626-5619. I sent them a message on WhatsApp, gave them my dimensions, transferred the payment, and waited. Less than a week later, the frame arrived at my door. 

It was time to assemble! 

What you need:
  • Inner frame (spanram)
  • Enough burlap to cover the frame 
  • Stapler and staples
  • 2 wood screws (metal screws for wood)
  • String for hanging
  • Decorative items (ribbons, glitters, or whatever you fancy)

1. Lay out the burlap on your workspace and put the frame on top.

2. Fold over the burlap to cover the wood and staple in place. Be sure to stretch the burlap so it doesn't sag.

3.  Fix the 2 screws onto the inner side of the frame, depending on how you want to hang this later. The screws will be used to hold the string.

4. Tie the string onto the screws, make sure it's not too long but it doesn't have to be too stretched either.

5. Decorate however you like and voila!

Note: if you want to hang studs on this frame, insert a small piece of styrofoam at the bottom area. Here you can poke the studs on.

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