Monday, July 3, 2017

Belitung 2017 - Part 5 Last Day

It was a wet morning in Belitung and we used our last day there to hang out at the hotel. The kids had wanted to swim but we vetoed it because of the rain. 

We packed our stuff, checked out, and walked to Guangzhou Restaurant for lunch. Our hotel was very strict about check out time. Probably because competition was scarce. 

As expected (from reading Foursquare), the food at Guangzhou wasn't as good as Dynasty's but it was still pretty good. The restaurant itself was comfortable and was decorated with antique goods. At the front section they had a coffee shop. 

After lunch we hung out by the hotel pool.

Finally it was time to go to the airport. So long, Belitung! It was great!

Home sweet home!

Special thanks to my friends for taking this trip together! Time to plan the next one... Hohoho....

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