Sunday, June 18, 2017

Finishing off Grade 2

Another school year has passed and Miss Kiki finished Grade 2!

She had some new teachers this year and also some new friends. Academically, Grade 2 was more challenging for her and it gave her a little shock at the beginning. It was not as easy to get perfect scores anymore, she had to spend more effort doing exercises and reading. Some days she struggled, some days things were easy.

She had grown even more mature and independent this past year. Waking up in the morning and getting ready all by herself before school, and also doing homework by herself. However, she still doesn't know how to study and needs guidance on what to do to study.

For time management, in term 4 we started using a weekly calendar for her. She finally agreed to use it after forgetting her project due dates several times. After trying it out, she actually saw the benefit and now enjoys doing it for herself. This is a calendar that we posted on our fridge, and everyday after school she would transfer the items in her school agenda to the appropriate dates on the calendar.

Another thing we implemented in the last term of Grade 2 was "One Word a Day" for Mandarin. Mandarin is her weakest core subject and it is understandable because none of us at home speaks it! For a long time she was complaining that it was difficult so I asked her if she thought she could memorize just one word per day. To that she replied "of course!". Then I told her it should be easy. In a month she could memorize 30 words! Something clicked in her mind and she did just that. Everyday, she did one word. After the first test following our new method, she admitted to me that it made it very easy for her to learn. :D I hope that she remembers this in Grade 3 and continues doing so without complaints. Hehehe...

We had our class party a few days ago. Every child got an award for what they are best for. Kiki's award was for Best Oral Presentation. Her teacher told a story of when Kiki did her presentation in her IT class, and the topic was Electricity. In the middle of her presentation, while explaining how to safely handle cables, her IT teacher asked her to demonstrate with a real cable. This was a surprise question but she was able to do it well. :)

Just like last year, Kiki's school gave out awards for children who excels academically. Gold - First Honors award is given out to children who maintains an average of 97-100 score for their core subjects: Math, English, Science, Mandarin, Indonesian Studies, and Social Studies. They also have to have passing grades for all of the other subjects. This year, there was only 1 First Honors award given out for the 2nd Graders and it went to Miss Kiki. DH couldn't make it to the award ceremony so my dad came instead.

I am very happy for her and I hope that she can continue to excel in school not only in her studies but to grow as a happy and decent person. May God bless you as you walk everyday, Ki!

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