Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring in South Korea 2017 - Part 6 Busan

We arrived in Busan airport and took a taxi to our Airbnb apartment in Marine City, Haeundae Beach. The area somehow reminded us of Australia. Maybe it was the modern buildings and water.

The first thing we did after we checked in was finding food. We were hungggryyyy.... Fortunately, on the ground floor of the apartment building there was a Vietnamese restaurant that looked pretty good so we went there for lunch.  The portions were huge, so we took some leftovers back to the apartment for later. 

Lemon squeezer

I chose to go to BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) Square that was surrounded by several famous markets. On the way to the bus stop, we saw these interesting decorative cabbages as well as our first cherry blossoms in Korea.

One thing we noticed right away was that Busan had waaaay more tourists and foreigners out and about. I am not sure if it was the city itself or it was because it was a weekend. 

The bus ride was about 45 minutes long, and the bus stop we got off at was almost right at the BIFF sign.

Miss Kiki had been eyeing Pokemon socks so Oma stopped to buy her some. The socks they sell there are about 1.000 won each. Some have better materials than others.

Look! It's him again. Kiki started noticing his pictures and pointing them out to Oma.
We walked around Gukje Market that afternoon and saw a lot of interesting street food. We tried some and really liked this Hoddeok, a pancake/bun filled with sweet paste and various seeds. Yum!


Grilled meat

Peanut shaped waffles with peanut inside

32 cm tall soft ice cream

Miss Kiki wasn't in her best behaviour that afternoon at the market, up to a point where she got upset and stood in a corner and told me to go on ahead without her. So I did... She stood where she was for a while but she started to worry. She followed after me but she couldn't see me anywhere... After a while I walked back to her and she started crying. She apologised for being so full of herself, thinking for sure I would not leave her behind and would come back. Well, she was right, but I took longer than she expected :P After that incident she behaved much better.


Pokemon was very popular there

We had enough of the market so we took a taxi to go to Oryukdo Skywalk. It was almost sunset time and the sky was clear with little clouds. The view was very nice and we got to see the sunset as well. There were several people walking their dogs there, Miss Kiki was very happy.

We took the bus to get back to Haeundae area. This is when I started noticing that my iPhone 6s dies everytime it hit 20% battery charge. This happened to my sister before and she had to change her battery. I was a bit worried but didn't think too much of it. Later on when I got back to Jakarta and switched my simcard, it worked normally again. Teehee!

I wanted to have dinner at the seemingly popular The Bay 101. We had 1 bus transfer and this was our stop. It's a digital display with live feed on when the next bus is coming and where it currently is. Pretty cool, huh.

The weather was soooo cold that evening... We got off the bus stop and walked about 300 m to get to the Bay 101. It's a building with a cafe, a fish and chips restaurant, and a boiled fishcake truck, free seating area. The nice view is on the outside but it was so cold. We were lucky that they had a tent still vacant. It was fun! Other than the tents, they have open tables and also chairs with firepits.

View from our apartment

We stayed in Busan for 1 night and the next morning we took the KTX back to Seoul.... I had asked our AirBnb host about buying KTX tickets and he offered to buy them for us with his credit card and asked us to leave cash on the table when we leave. How trusting! I am very grateful!

Stay tuned for the next part...

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