Sunday, January 29, 2017

Motykas in Asia 2016 Part 6 - Phuket

We flew from Siem Reap to Phuket early in the morning. The airport transfer from Phuket airport to the hotel was the most overwhelming one in our trip. I had booked Wabi Sabi Boutique Hotel in Kamala Beach through Agoda. I tried contacting them by email regarding tours and airport transfer but they didn't respond. My friend who spoke Thai was so nice she offered to give them a call. They said that it was against Agoda policy to communicate to the customers directly so they would only deal with us when we get there. Bummer... this was a first.

We tried getting a metered taxi from their booth but after waiting for a while they told us that they did not have a van and that we would not fit in a small car. Ha! I suppose they wouldn't know how we got to our hotel in Siem Reap! Lol

In the end, we hired one if those overpriced airport transfer cars with a driver who didn't speak English, who had to make a stop at his 'office' to ask for directions. At the office they tried to convince us to pre-book them for our trip back to the airport. 

We got to our hotel at noon and our room wasn't ready yet. The check in time was 2 pm after all. We took a walk to the beach and had lunch there. The food by the beach was so so and pricey.

After lunch we explored the small shops for a bit and went back to the hotel to check in. I was feeling drowsy I took a nap that turned out to be a pretty long one. Meanwhile, the boys and Miss Kiki went to the beach. They were like Moana who couldn't stay away from the water!

I woke up just in time for dinner. We went to a restaurant on the street with bbq grills at the front. The food was pretty good, though I must say similar food at Menega in Jimbaran Bali was better. Maybe I'm totally biased lol. Anyway I think for Thai food or seafood, Bangkok has much better food compared to the beach we were at. Maybe that's not a fair comparison?

Near the restaurant there was a cart selling crepes. They called it crepes but the dough and cooking method was very much like Martabak Telur.

Instead of buying crepes, we bought rolled ice cream instead. They called it deep fried ice cream for some reason. It was pretty good! You choose your own toppings and they will mash and mix it with cream on a frozen pan until it froze and roll them up.

The next morning, we went straight to the beach in hopes that we could find breakfast there. It turned out that nothing was open yet so we came back to the hotel and had breakfast there. The hotel breakfast turned out to be really good and actually cheaper than some of the cafes on the street that we checked out on the way!

Then to the beach we all went!

Kamala beach was nice, but well to me it was just another beach. Not any better than beaches closer to Jakarta than Phuket that's for sure. We had the option of taking a tour to Phi Phi Island that was supposed to be really nice but because our time was very limited we decided not to.

We had lunch at a restaurant on the same street and I thought that it was the best food in the area that we tried.

After lunch, MM and I went to venture out for a supposedly big market that DH said was there. We never found it and it turned out that he only saw it from afar and we figured he must have seen or explained it wrong. :D In the mean time, the boys and Miss Kiki had some fun at the pool.

When MM and I got back to the hotel, the boys went back to the beach. Those beach boys.... ;)

That evening, we had dinner at the same place but didn't order anything new from the night before except this... We also bought the crepes we saw the night before.

The next morning, it was time to go home. We were very shocked to see this lineup to enter the airport. Crazy! We arrived 2 hours prior to our flight, and we still had to run to our gate because of this craziness. Yikes!

This marked the end of our Indochina trip, but the Motykas in Asia 2016 series still continues... Coming up next: White Crater and Tea Plantation