Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Motykas in Asia 2016 Part 4 - 3D Art Gallery Saigon

It was the first day of 2017! We woke up just a little later than usual and again, had breakfast at the hotel. We didn't have any definite plan for that day because we weren't even sure if anything were going to be open. It turned out that everything was open. Our top options were Cu Chi Tunnels and 3D Art Gallery. Given the time limit, we opted for a more relaxed day and chose the latter.

We took Uber to the Gallery. It was quite fun! Miss Kiki definitely had a lot of fun playing pretend. This post mostly contains pictures from there. There are some really nice ones from the whole lot. If you scroll down to the bottom you will find more food pictures from our last hours in Saigon...

That was a LOT of pictures we took within 2 hours!

From the gallery, we took another Uber ride to our hotel. We still had some time before we had to leave for the airport, so we went to eat at a bistro nearby. We were lucky that it turned out to be really good, the boys claimed that it was the best food throughout our trip!

Of course, I had to have Vietnamese coffee on my last day in Vietnam. We stopped at a coffee shop around the corner and ordered three different types. They had about 50 different beans on the menu.

It was finally time to go... we took a taxi van back to the airport and our adventure continues... to Cambodia!