Sunday, October 2, 2016

Japan September 2016 - Part 5 Ghibli Museum

From Doraemon Museum area, we took the train to Mitaka where Ghibli Museum was located. We received our tickets from my friend the night before. She had helped us buy the tickets before we arrived in Japan because they sold out very quickly. Thank God for sweet friends!

Both Kawasaki and Mitaka are west of Tokyo, but the fastest route to get to Mitaka from Kawasaki was to go back to Tokyo!

We arrived in Mitaka at around 2:30 pm so we still had some time before our scheduled ticket allowed us to enter. We started to walk towards the museum, but took our time browsing the area. There were so many interesting things to see no matter where we went.

We walked by this small eatery and it looked interesting enough to try. We crossed the street and had some snack there. It turned out that this place had been there for a very long time, but to my taste buds the food was just so so.

There were plenty small shops and barbershops in the area.

And finally we arrived!

Picture taking inside the museum was not allowed, but let me tell you a bit about what was on the inside. The theme of the whole museum was history of animation. There were different rooms where you can see different techniques on animation making from way back when. The displays were quite impressive, but I felt like the overall experience was lacking. Doraemon Museum was more simple but fun for me, despite me being a huge Ghibli fan! The museum was so packed with visitors, it was rather difficult to move around and there were lineups to see everything. We got to see a short animation in the theatre, it was nice. They had a souvenir shop with an extremely long lineup I didn't bother buying anything.
Robot from Laputo Castle in the Sky

Robot from Laputo Castle in the Sky

Cube from Laputo Castle in the Sky

We got out of the museum close to their closing time, and walked back towards the station.

We stopped buy at a tiny sushi place on the way...

From Mitaka we went to Akihabara for a quick visit to the big Yodobashi Camera, and when we got back to Shinjuku we stopped by at an Izakaya for a late night snack. This was our last night in Tokyo.

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