Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Japan September 2016 - Part 11 Hiroshima and Kure City

It was our 9th day in Japan. We were in Hiroshima, and the weather hadn't been friendly. We checked out from our room that morning and left our suitcases and backpacks at the reception. As we were heading out, the staff called out to us and offered us to use their umbrella. How nice!
Not sure what, but a lot of hotels have them. Maybe they are clothes press?

We've already decided on our breakfast spot in advance so we walked towards that direction. There are many monuments in Hiroshima city and this one was on our way.

This stationery store also caught my eye. Check out that giant pencil pillar.

We got to where the restaurant was supposed to be, but alas, this is what we found...

Since it wasn't too far, we decided to head over to the new location. We saw a long lineup on the way but couldn't really figure out what the lineup was for.

We found it! They offered coffee/tea and sandwich sets for breakfast. Simple but good.

Hiroshima has a baseball team called Hiroshima Carp and when we were there I think they had a game going on. Many people were wearing their paraphernalia and the theme song was played everywhere all over the city I could still play it in my head! Check out this giant Carp banner they put up, almost covering an entire building!

How catchy could the song be, you ask? Here, I found it on youtube so you can get it stuck on your head too!

After breakfast, we went over to the Atomic Bomb Memorial area, with a stop at a Daiso next to the cafe. The Memorial Area was the main reason we went to Hiroshima afterall. It continued raining so everything was wet and the site felt even more depressing than it would on a sunny day... I think. I like history but visiting places like this really made me sad.

The A-Bomb Dome

That day, I squeezed in a little bit of work in our holiday. I had arranged a meeting with someone in Kure city, Hiroshima. DH decided he wanted to stay in Hiroshima city so we separated ways. Here are some pictures he took while roaming on his own.

I took the Meipuru~pu bus to Hiroshima Station to catch the train to Kure city. The ride was about 20 minutes long. Kure city is located right by the water, and it was a lot smaller than I expected! The train station only had 1 platform to be used both ways. You really have to pay attention before you board a train. All the announcements on the train were in Japanese, with no English. I really had to open my unaccustomed ears and pay attention to listen.

My meeting had run late but we wanted to try to catch a certain train to Kobe that evening. So DH offered to go to the hotel, get our 2 suitcases and 2 backpacks, and haul them all to meet me at the bus stop in the rain. I hesitantly agreed but yet he managed with a smile. God bless his heart!

Because of that, we managed to catch the train we wanted and we headed over to Kobe.

Coming up next: Kobe City