Monday, April 11, 2016

Motykas in Asia 2015 Part 11 - Hong Kong

The following day we went to Tim Ho Wan, one of Hong Kong's Michelin Star restaurant. DM had an afternoon off so he was able to join us. We have a couple of Tim Ho Wans in Jakarta but I was told that the one in HK was better. Well, it's true. Now I can say that for myself.

We got to Tim Ho Wan during lunch hour so the lineup was super long.

After lunch we separated ways with DM and continued walking around in Kowloon area. We took the Dingding and walked some more.

 Of course, we had to stop for HK Style Coffee... This time I already knew how to order coffee thanks to my sister!

On the street there was a guy fixing watches...

And I stopped at Starbucks to check out their tumbler collection. They have some cute Chinese New Year themed ones.

We passed by some traditional market...

And finally we arrived at Times Square... there was a store I wanted to visit there.

Tada! The Donguri Republic store! It is a Japanese store selling Studio Ghibli's paraphernalia. I was like a kid in a candy store!!

Got myself a Totoro Shawl. Yippeeee!


Got this waffles on the street.... My sister told me 10x what the name was and I forgot 11x. Sigh...

In the evening my sister's in-laws took us out for dinner at a nice Chinese restaurant. Here I ate several fried pigeons. There were several other yummy dishes too. I was so stuffed!

Thank you, Aunty and Uncle!