Monday, November 30, 2015

Miss Kiki is 7!

I have been absent from this blog for about a couple of months, I know. My new web store took a lot of time and effort to set up and launch. It is a collaboration between two full time moms with too many hobbies and passion. Please check it out at

Now this post is very important because Miss Kiki just turned 7! 

In the last 4 years, Miss Kiki had celebrated her birthdays at school, Montessori style. Since she is now in Grade 1 in a non-Montessori school, I was curious to see how she would perceive the differences and what the kids do in the new school for their birthdays.

To make it extra special, I asked her what she wanted to have for lunch that day. She decided (it was a very quick decision too) that she wanted sushi from Kaihomaru. The Japanese restaurant is our favourite for sushi and is located in Pondok Indah, not too far from the school.

In the morning I called to order take out and was told that the restaurant would not be open until 11:30 am. This is not a good thing because I had to be at school by then! So I explained to them that it was my daughter's birthday and she really wanted their sushi for lunch. It was very nice of them to agree to make the two rolls I needed just so I can bring it on time.... half an hour prior to their open time! Arigatou gosaimasu, Kaihomaru!!

2 orders of California Rolls
Miss Kiki is currently crazy about My Little Pony and of course she wanted a MLP cake. She had been friends with Google for a very long time by now so she browsed Google for a design she liked and I ordered it from my old trusted cake shop: Le Soho Cupcakes. I love their cake design and taste. We ordered a rainbow cake with rainbow rosettes and we put Miss Kiki's existing ponies on top. She was very happy with the result.

We sang happy birthday in three different languages and then the teachers and some classmates expressed their wishes for Miss Kiki. When it was my turn, my answer was short and simple. I wish for her to grow up and always be a happy person. The thing I have been thinking about this for a while.... every time I have to make parenting decisions I kept asking myself.... What is it that I wish for her. Obedience? Intelligence? Wealth? Health? Fame? I simply wish her to be happy... and that she will be blessed.

Following the wishes was picture time! So here are the kids plus plus...

Look at the faces the  boys were making...

For the goodie bag, this year I hand made wrist wallets for each of the kids in class. It was a lot of work, but satisfying in the end... Tutorials for the wrist wallet will be posted soon, either here or at Click and Stitch.

After school I picked her up and took her to Kollekan Ceramic Gallery for a ceramic workshop. This place too, was not supposed to be open for workshop today. I asked if they would host a special class for the two of us and they graciously agreed. Thank you Kollekan for being so nice!

Now I am quite upset because my Samsung Note 3 had failed me that day. I took a bunch of pictures at the ceramic gallery and at dinner afterwards, and all of the picture disappeared!!! Grrrr....! The files were not recorded properly and they were gone. I now decided that I need a new phone but not sure if I want to go with Samsung again... for this particular reason. My sister's old Galaxy S3 used to do the same thing.

For dinner we went to Marche again, same as the last 2 years, but this time only with DH and me. Pictures from there were gone too. 

Anyway, this marks the end of Miss Kiki's actual birthday. My crazy schedule doesn't stop then... Stay tuned for Birthday Playdate post and Bandung trip!