Friday, August 28, 2015

Cook Off Playdate

So we had another playdate. I love these girls! Good friends really do make a huge difference in one's life.

For this playdate, we had 4 girls (aka. the moms), 2 boys (aka. the dads), and 5 minions (aka. the kids). The moms brought toys (food ingredients and kitchen stuff), the dads brought toys (coffee equipments), and the kids..... well they can take care of themselves. :D

It all started with an afternoon conversation in our Whatsapp group. I am sure a lot of moms everywhere have discussed this at one point. What healthy food can we pack for our kids that is easy to make? We all tossed in ideas and came up with a menu for the playdate. 

These were the items in our menu that day:
While the girls were busy shaking, making, and baking in the kitchen, the boys occupied the dining table and set up their coffee gear. There were V60, Aeropress, digital scale with timer, water kettle with thermostat, and of course, fresh coffee beans. 

And the kids, you ask?... What kids? :D

They entertained each other and themselves the whole day, it was awesome.

Stay tuned for the recipes!

UPDATE: Apparently some of us still remembered about the kids :D Here are some more pictures as proof!