Monday, September 6, 2010

My new iPhone 4

If you read my previous post, you know that I've recently obtained the new iPhone 4 by Apple

It's day 6 now, and I am loving it! The display screen is absolutely stunning and it takes beautiful pictures and videos. There were mentions about connectivity problems due to the antenna positioning but it seems to have been taken care of simply by putting a case or bumper on.

Compared to my iPhone 3G, the display and camera is far superior. They've also added a built-in flash and a front camera so you can take a picture of yourself without having to stretch the arm and guesstimate your aim. It also makes video calling possible. I should check if Skype already hass an app for it. It is as easy to navigate around as the 3G version, plus the added multi-tasking feature makes it even better.

With the not-so-new regulation about cellphones and driving in Manitoba, I am taking full advantage of the voice command feature. Press the head set, "dial Jessica". Press again, "play Salsa music".  I feel like Jean-Luc Picard giving commands. ;)

I am very happy with my phone and now if only I can direct my obsession into actual work related stuff, that would be just wonderful.

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  1. nattt ... the answers are yes and yes :D...are you the one si meli suka bilang temennya tinggal di Canada?? :D and yes, that's the right carina...hehehehe, anaknya bff si emma :D...small world, eh??