Thursday, September 9, 2010

Curling up on the couch at the end of a long day, I play catch up with my Google Reader, e-mails, facebook, and twitter. Oh, another post from indietutes! I always look forward to reading her posts. This time, it's called colour me my own which talks about living your life to the fullest. Even with kids?! Yes!!

It's late night and the day is almost over, but what have I done today? What have I achieved? How can I be so tired?! Um..... I had a business meeting, then I went to the mall to let Miss Kiki play slide, then we came home, folded a pile of laundry, rinsed diapers, tried to put Miss Kiki to bed, and now I'm on the computer again. 

Way too many times I go through a day  feeling unproductive, and using Miss Kiki as an excuse. Oh, she's cranky, demanding, didn't want to nap, wants attention all the time, being difficult, and so on and so on. But really, does she need all that attention? Or is she just bored out of her mind because I'm too busy doing things 'for her'?
"The truth is, when we are interested in our own stuff, WE are more interesting to other people." ~indietutes

Little Miss Kiki is a very intelligent little 21 months old who can already read and sign (ASL) the alphabets, and she observes everything that we do and try to imitate. She says new words every day, and she can do more and more things by the minute. Well, if I'm too busy doing nothing interesting, no wonder she demands more things that she can learn! She loves to pretend to write down the words she knows, she likes to sign and say things that she sees, and she loves to play on the slide. Then why am I putting her in a boring little cage called home? My own laziness, that is!

Tonight, I'm going to take time to think and explore the things that I used to like (think about it, at least) and do at least one of them every day. May I be an interesting person to my child and that she will watch me and know that she herself can live her life to the fullest.